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Here’s exactly when you can play The Contract DLC in GTA Online

When can you sign the Contract?

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GTA Online has a huge new expansion set to launch on December 15, and it’s called the Contract. If you’ve been hungry for single-player DLC this might be as close as you get, with Franklin Clinton making his triumphant return to land a hand to Dr. Dre. Curious about when the Contract update is expected to go live? Need a refresher about everything announced for inclusion in this substantial patch? We’ve got all the important details listed below.

When is the GTA Online Contract update release time?

While GTA Online’s developers at Rockstar Games haven’t officially announced a release time for the highly anticipated update for the Contract, those who’ve watched or played GTA Online over the past few years know the studio is fairly habitual when it comes to its release schedule of weekly and major updates.

The Contract update is expected to go live between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern on December 15.

Rockstar Games

Provided the established pattern is followed, the Contract should become available between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern on December 15. Because GTA Online is playable on so many platforms, the precise launch timing may vary slightly between Xbox and PlayStation, for example. On the PlayStation side specifically, players should be on the lookout for update version 1.39 or higher to ensure they’re getting the latest DLC.

How much does “The Contract” cost in GTA Online?

“The Contract” will be a free update for all GTA Online players.

What to expect from the Contract update

Rockstar Games has been somewhat coy with regard to the specifics of the Contract update, but we do have a general idea of what players can expect to see after installing the patch.

The Contract comes with a wide assortment of new cars and weapons.

Rockstar Games
  • New story-based content: Set after the campaign of GTA V, Franklin has established a new business called F Clinton and Partner. As a fixer in the vein of Ray Donovan, Clinton and Lamar aim to attract some high-profile clients with their high-society problems. It’s DJ Pooh who introduces Franklin to Dr. Dre. Dre has just lost his phone full of unreleased tracks, and it’s up to you, Franklin, and crew to go find it.
  • New vehicles and weapons: Weapons like a Compact EMP Launcher, Heavy Rifle, and Stun Gun have been revealed. Cars include the Enus Jubilee and Dewbauchee Champion.
  • New Radio Station Content: Given that Dre is involved with this update, musical additions are a pretty big deal. There’s a totally new station called MOTOMAMI Los Santos that focuses on tunes with a Latin flair. Radio Los Santos also gets some new tracks from Big Boy. On West Coast Classics there’s a new “Dre Day” takeover celebrating the hip-hop legend.

“The Contract” will be released on December 15, 2021.

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