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Everything you need to know about GTA Online: The Contract DLC

Franklin returns with a famous friend.

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gta online contract dlc dr dre
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract has just been announced by Rockstar Games, and it just might be the multiplayer platform’s biggest expansion to date. Below, we outline all you need to know about the new addition to the game including its confirmed release date, plot details, trailer information, and more. If you’ve been waiting for more single-player content set in the GTA V universe, it’s possible this might be the closest thing fans see for quite some time. Dr. Dre is here, and so is Franklin!

When is the GTA Online: The Contract release date?

Announced by Rockstar Games on December 5, GTA Online: The Contract is set to launch on December 15 on all platforms GTA Online is available. Provided it follows the same release schedule of other significant GTA Online expansions, fans can expect to download it between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern on the day of release.

Is there a GTA Online: The Contract trailer?

Yes! Rockstar released a minute-long trailer for the DLC that you can watch below.

The official trailer for GTA Online: The Contract

What is the GTA Online: The Contract story?

As indicated by an official press release, GTA Online: The Contract follows campaign character Franklin Clinton in the years after the events of the main game. He’s moved on from the Union Depository and now runs a “celebrity solutions agency” called F. Clinton and Partner. The group is designed to help Vinewood’s wealthiest residents solve their high-society problems.

Franklin has a new business venture, but he needs a high-profile client to make it happen.

Rockstar Games

To start his business Franklin needs two things: a partner, and a big client worthy of advertising his brand in a positive light. That’s where Dr. Dre comes in. While on his way to Cayo Perico, Dre’s phone makes its way into the wrong hands. Worse yet, said phone features a wide assortment of unreleased tracks not yet meant for public consumption. With his fledgling business venture in mind, Franklin sets his sights on solving Dre’s problem. This contract will reportedly take Franklin from his old neighborhood to the hottest parties in the city, and even to the offices of the FBI.

What’s included in GTA Online: The Contract DLC?

We don’t know much beyond the above-listed plot, which we assume will factor into the main heist included with the expansion. GTA Online just wrapped up its Heist Month festivities, so what better way to continue the platform’s legacy than to add onto it with a totally new quest?

A first look at one of the new weapons coming in the expansion.

Rockstar Games

The expansion is also said to feature several character cameos including Imani, Chop the Dog, and more, so we’ll see how those additions might contribute to additional missions and content included with the DLC. Rockstar has said players will be able to purchase and steal new weapons and vehicles too.

What music will be featured in GTA Online: The Contract?

Dre has new music debuting exclusively in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games

While Rockstar has yet to announce a full list of tracks, the publisher has said the Contract will feature a new radio station with “exciting special guest hosts” as well as huge updates to existing radio stations. Among those updates, the game will add new and exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre.

Haven’t we heard something about Dr. Dre in GTA before?

Yup! Dre was already featured in last year’s Cayo Perico Heist, and Take-Two’s registration of the domain led some “insiders” to believe the iconic rapper might somehow be involved with GTA 6. Back in October, Rolling Stone exclusively reported that Dre was working on new music for Grand Theft Auto. Given what we now know, this is presumably the music he was working on.

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