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Everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Summit Shaper banner

Shaping the Summit.

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Your Genshin Impact character is useless until they're paired with the right weapon. Proper equipment can make or break your Genshin Impact build, and, luckily, there are always new armaments available. When a new character banner like Albedo arrives, it's often paired with a new event weapons banner, and for the duration of the Albedo banner, the Summit Shaper sword will be available on its own banner.

But is the Summit Shaper sword worth spending your hard-earned Primogems on? Here's everything we know about the Epitome Invocation banner, from start time to weapons.

What is the Genshin Impact Summit Shaper banner start time and end time?

The Summit Shaper banner will debut with the 1.2 update on December 23 China standard time, which is 13 hours ahead of New York. That means if you're on Eastern time you can play tomorrow (December 22). The banner concludes on January 12.

What weapons are featured on the Genshin Impact Summit Shaper banner?

The Summit Shaper, in the metal.


In addition to the five-star Summit Shaper sword, there's also an increased chance to get the five-star catalyst, Skyward Atlas.

Additionally, you have an increased chance to receive four-star weapons like Favonius Sword (sword), Favonius Greatsword (claymore), Favonius Lance (polearm), Sacrificial Fragments (catalyst), and The Stringless (bow).

Are you guaranteed to get Summit Shaper in Genshin Impact?

Not quite. You're not guaranteed to get Summit Shaper immediately if you pull from the Summit Shaper banner. Luckily, Genshin Impact does feature a mercy system. If you conduct 89 attempts without getting a five-star reward, you're guaranteed a five-star item on your ninetieth pull. The guaranteed five-star item has a 50 percent chance to be Summit Shaper. If that wasn't Summit Shaper, your next five-star has a 100 percent chance to be the character you desire. This means you'll have to make 180 wishes at most to get the Summit Shaper but it likely won't be that high.

If you participated in a previous event banner without earning a five-star weapon, your progress will carry over to the Summit Shaper banner.

It's also worth noting that the event weapon banner shares its pity count with the event character banner. If you've pulled 89 times on the event character banners, you'll receive a five-star weapon the first time you draw from the event weapon banner. Doing that will spend your mercy draw. If you're saving that for a special five-star character, watch out.

Is Summit Shaper a good weapon in Genshin Impact?

It's an okay weapon. If you're using a sword-wielding Geo character like the Traveller or Albedo, Summit Shaper can be an incredible boon.

At base, the weapon increases Shield Strength by 20 percent. Scoring hits on opponents increases attack by four percent for eight seconds. Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. While protected by a shield, the attack increase effect is doubled.

The Summit Shaper is great for those specific characters, but a bit useless elsewhere.

Should you pay for the Summit Shaper banner in Genshin Impact?

If you're not planning to use Albedo, it's not recommended that you invest too much in the Summit Shaper banner. For a five-star weapon, it has a rather shallow pool of uses. The four-star weapons in the banner are rather lackluster as well.

The most appealing thing in this banner is The Stringless bow. Assuming you unlocked Fischl in the Unreconciled Stars event or from the Albedo banner, the Stringless is a must. It's easily one of the best bows for the blonde archer, surpassing the popular Compound Bow.

Even if you don't have Fischl, The Stringless is a versatile bow that can be a boon to any archer. Given how common it should be on this banner, this is a decent time to get the four-star bow and increase the refinement on it.

If that doesn't interest you, save your Primogems for another banner

What banner comes after Summit Shaper in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu, the ideal character to wield the Dream of Dragonfell bow


We don't know for sure what comes next. Unlike with character leaks, weapon banners aren't as readily available on the Beta test server, nor as widely discussed.

The current guess is that the next weapon will be a bow called the Dream of Dragonfell. It was added to the Genshin Impact fansite, Honey Hunter, around the same time as the Summit Shaper and pairs with it stylistically. The two weapons even have the same effect.

Presumably, Dream of Dragonfell works well as Ganyu's weapon just as the Summit Shaper is used best as Albedo's weapon.

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