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Don't miss these 3 new overpowered weapons from Paimon in Genshin Impact

Is this worth your Starglitter?

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It's time for Genshin Impact's scheduled upheaval. As the fresh month of December rolls in, so do numerous minor changes for Genshin Impact. The ongoing Childe banner has been replaced by Zhongli. Paimon's Bargains have also been refreshed with new goodies. In the latest batch of Paimon's Bargains, there's a slew of Royal-themed weaponry for every class around. Are they worth your time? Should you get it or is it a bust?

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What is the Paimon's Bargains shop in Genshin Impact?

If you've never accessed her shop before, you can enter Paimon's Bargains by opening Genshin Impact's menu and selecting "shop." Paimon's Bargains will be the third tab down.

Every month, Paimon has a selection of goods that she allegedly orders and curates herself. This includes a rotating chance to obtain duplicates of specific characters and pick up some new exclusive weapons. Her shop also has static selections like materials used for improving your level and talents.

Paimon, Genshin Impact's most prolific sidekick and barterer.


Items in Paimon's Bargains are purchased using two exclusive currencies: Starglitter and Stardust. Each currency has a dedicated shop in Paimon's Bargains. Both currencies are obtained by using Genshin Impact's Wish system. Every time you obtain a three-star weapon via the gacha system you'll be awarded 15 Stardust. Conversely, four and five-star earnings will get you Starglitter.

All five-star weapons come with 10 Starglitter and four-star weapons grant two Starglitter. Characters also come with Starglitter.

Four-star characters grant two Starglitter for the first seven times you obtain them. That number grows to five Starglitter per duplicate starting on your eighth draw.

Five-star characters grant 10 Starglitter for the first seven times you pull the same character and 25 Starglitter starting at your eighth duplicate.

Once you've earned enough, you can purchase a weapon for 24 Starglitter or a character for 34 Starglitter. But just how good are each of them?

Royal Greatsword

The Royal Greatsword is a decent Claymore. At its base level, it has an effect of increasing your critical rate by eight percent every hit for a maximum stack of five. This rate resets every time you land a critical hit. This effect is shared by every other weapon in the Royal weaponry family. Royal weapons also need at least one refinement to be of actual use to your character. Be prepared to buy the same weapon at least twice.

Royal Greatsword's critical effect does make it difficult to be a boon to any claymore user, as they universally attack rather slow. It's hard to get all five necessary hits on a foe in a timely manner.

The Royal Greatsword is useful for characters that rely on getting decisive blows like Razor and Diluc. If you don't have access to either of their preferred weapons, the Royal Greatsword is a decent backup.

Royal Bow

The Royal Bow is a great Bow for certain characters. If you have access to a character that will get a lot of hits in like Venti, it's a great backup weapon if you can't afford the Viridescent Hunt. As a weapon in the Royal family, this will allow you to hit numerous critical hits in succession.

Royal Spear

The Royal Spear is perhaps the best Royal weapon. Polearms naturally attack at a rapid pace. Inflicting five hits to max out critical damage will likely be a breeze, making it so you'll land critical hits more often than not. Pair this with a high damage Polearm user like Zhongli for maximum effect.

Royal Grimoire

The Royal Grimoire is a great weapon for Klee. Due to her AoE attack, Klee can attack a lot in a short timeframe. Using the Royal Grimoire, you can make sure many of those hits are critical blows, perhaps turning the tides on a losing battle.

Other than Klee, most Catalyst users wouldn't make great use of the Royal Grimoire.

Royal Longsword

The Royal Longsword is a good weapon in the right hands. Many Sword users in Genshin Impact currently double as healers, with the health restored scaled off their attack damage. Those same characters can boost their healing output by being equipped with the Royal Longsword's high critical ability. Xingqiu, Keqing, and QiQi would all be greatly enhanced by using the Royal Longsword.

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