Genshin Impact leak claims a wild Paimon twist is coming in the 1.1 update

Gone, but not forgotten.

The first major update for the free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact should be released on November 11, but some supposed leaks from the game's closed beta suggest a tragic fate might befall the player's companion Paimon in the version 1.1 update.

The latest leak suggests that Paimon, Genshin Impact's de facto mascot, will die in the opening moments of version 1.1. But there are plenty of reasons why this can't be true.

What exactly does this leak suggest? And is there any measure of truth to the rumors?

How does Paimon die in Genshin Impact?

According to the leak, version 1.1 introduces a new character named "Joe." As Paimon and the Traveler enter the latest area, Dragonspine, Joe will use Geo abilities to immobilize the duo. With the two out of commission, Joe allegedly kills Paimon in cold blood and devours her to kickstart a dark new chapter in Genshin Impact history.

This supposed leak emerged from an October 28 video published by Genshin Impact YouTuber Tectone. He explained the demise in further detail, citing a lengthy Reddit post as his primary source.

Expectedly, some fans were rather upset at the death.

Will Paimon actually die in Genshin Impact version 1.1?

No. Despite the high view count and numerous videos reacting to Paimon's death, this is definitely a prank crafted by Tectone. At the end of his video, Tectone reveals Joe's full name to be "Joe Mama." Paimon's death was simply an elaborate Yo Mama joke.

Tectone's prank became so widespread for numerous reasons. Firstly, he noted that the leaked scene occurred in an area that we know to part of Dragonspine. Secondly, Tectone is a known Genshin Impact YouTuber, so his claims hold significant weight, especially on days that aren't immediately associated with pranks like April Fools.

Thirdly, he utilized a "Trending in Japan" bar on the thumbnail, aping videos made by Tokyosaurus, who produces explainers based on things that are trending in Japan. The appearance of this bar implies a possible language barrier. Of course, non-Japanese viewers wouldn't know what's going on in Japan, so they'd reasonably be ignorant of Paimon's supposed death. Lastly, Tectone revealed Paimon's death to be a prank rather late in the video's run, taking advantage of the instant reactive nature found in YouTube comment sections.

There's currently no reason to believe that Paimon will die in Genshin Impact version 1.1 or any later update. Paimon is Genshin Impact's mascot character. Her visage is plastered across the game's marketing and used as the game icon.

Why do so many people want Paimon dead?

Outside of this video, Paimon's death has been a running gag amongst fans. Some fans have made videos killing Paimon themselves, while others have made compilations of her death.

This primarily comes from Paimon's in-game nickname of "Emergency Food." It's an endearing title that's made the navigation runt into a meme amongst fans.

In addition to being a meme, Emergency Food has become an endearing title for Paimon. Claiming that she dies from being eaten is just joining in on the fun. Other players have jokingly claimed on other posts that Paimon will be eaten one way or another. Tectone just happens to have a far larger audience than the previous players who have spread the word of Paimon's death by consumption.

Should Genshin Impact version 1.1 leaks be trusted?

Leaks should be trusted on a case by case basis. If there's detailed information given and proper sourcing, it might be okay for you to trust a leak, but you shouldn't consider any information to be confirmed until MiHoYo themselves announce it.

Leaks are a fun way to stay engaged with Genshin Impact while awaiting more concrete information, but they shouldn't be taken as gospel.

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