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Everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Elegy for the End Banner

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Your Genshin Impact character is useless until they're paired with the right weapon. Proper equipment can make or break your Genshin Impact build, and, luckily, there are always new armaments available. As the scales reset and Venti returns, miHoYo has introduced a bow that will pair perfectly with the bard’s toolkit.

But is the Elegy for the End bow worth spending your hard-earned Primogems on? Here's everything we know about the Epitome Invocation banner, from start time to weapons.

What is the Genshin Impact Elegy for the End Banner start time and end time?

The Elegy for the End banner will start on March 17 when the 1.4 update is released and conclude on April 6 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

What weapons are featured on the Genshin Impact Elegy for the End Banner?

The Elegy for the End Banner features two five-star weapons: the titular Elegy for the End (Bow) and Skyward Blade (Sword). Surprisingly, the Banner lacks a legal notice from the Nintendo team behind Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Elegy for the End’s ideal user.


Additionally, the Banner features a few four-star weapons: The Alley Flash (Sword), Wine and Song (Catalyst), Favonius Greatsword (Claymore), Favonius Warbow (Bow), and Dragon's Bane (Polearm).

It’s worth noting that Elegy for the End, The Alley Flash, and Wine and Song are exclusive to this Banner and will not be available once this banner concludes.

Are you guaranteed to get Elegy for the End in Genshin Impact?

No, you’re not guaranteed to get the Elegy for the End. But you are guaranteed a featured five-star after pulling a certain number of times.

You’re guaranteed a five-star weapon after 80 pulls, meaning if you don’t obtain a five-star by pull 79, your next one will be something special. Pity pulls have a 75 percent chance to be a promoted weapon like the Elegy for the End or Skyward Blade. If you don’t get a promotional weapon on your first pity, you’ll receive it on your next one.

According to user collected data, the Featured Weapon Banner usually has a fifty-fifty chance for each promotional weapon, if you’re going for that. Assuming that to be true, it implies obtaining your ideal five-star could take up to 320 pulls. That translates to about 52100 Primogems.

Is Elegy for the End a good weapon in Genshin Impact?

If you have Venti, this is an incredible bow. Elegy for the End briefly increases the user’s Elemental Mastery by 60 at a base level. Every time an Elemental Burst or Skill hits an enemy, you’ll gain a sigil. Upon collecting four Sigils, your character’s Elemental Mastery will increase by 100 and attack will increase by 20 percent.

Genshin Impact’s bard.


If you don’t know, Elemental Mastery is a multiplier that improves the damage dealt by elemental reactions. For a Venti main, this means each time your Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst combines with another element, your damage will be increased.

Elegy for the End is specifically designed for Venti mains to succeed. If you have Venti, this is a phenomenal weapon. If you have yet to obtain the archer, Elegy for the End is a fairly standard bow.

Should you pay for the Elegy for the End banner in Genshin Impact?

Yes! Pull on this banner. Even if you can’t nab Elegy of the End, Skyward Blade is an excellent weapon. Many consider it one of the greatest swords in the game as it drastically increases your character’s critical rate with every hit.

If you already have Venti, this Banner will be even better for you. Elegy for the End is a fantastic weapon for the bard. Each available four-star weapon in the Banner can also be sublime additions to your arsenal. Both the Favonis Greatsword and Favonius Warbow are versatile weapons that can bolster claymore-users and archers that are lacking in strength.

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