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How to complete the Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research event

Crystal clear.

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A new version of Genshin Impact is just around the corner, but update 2.6 has been a fairly wild ride. We got to delve into the Chasm for the next stage of the Archon quest, and it's definitely the best new area we’ve had in quite some time. Ayato also arrived to show off his impeccable Hydro sword skills and invite us to the Irodori Festival. There was even a chance to grab Xingqiu for free if you didn't get him during Lantern Rite.

But now things are starting to quiet down before Genshin Impact 2.7 and the upcoming livestream that'll presumably showcase Yelan, Kuki, and maybe even those long-requested Kazuha or Klee reruns. No matter how you look at it, the next version is shaping up to be crammed full of characters, so having a few extra Primogems tucked away is no bad idea.

The new Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research event is a good way to get some. All you have to do is complete some battle challenges in a new Domain and play around with some crystal-based buffs. What could be easier? Here's how the event works, what you need to start it, and how to get those Primogem rewards.

How to start the Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research event

As is usual with Domain events, all you really need to do to get started is head to the portal in the Chasm and talk to Patrice. You'll be able to see the event map marker, or you can just find it by following the event menu. In order to take part, you'll have to be at least adventure rank 28 and complete the Liyue Archon quest, Rite of Parting.

How does the Vibro-Crystal Research event work?

The overall event is pretty simple: you rock up to the Domain and complete a series of challenges where you're buffed by the power of Vibro-Crystal Harmonics. Just like other Domain challenges, you have a score, and there are three levels of rewards available depending on how well you do. You can beat enemies to get points, but also multiply the number of points you get by increasing the difficulty of the challenge, which levels up enemies making them harder to defeat.

Transmitter buffs explained

So how do Vibro-Crystal Harmonics work? Before each challenge you must choose two teams, and equip them with the harmonics that you want to be active during the battles. These buffs consist of three transmitters and three receivers that give three potential ways of activating a buff, and three buffs that can be activated. Now's the fun part. You can choose which transmitter connects to which receiver, tweaking what buffs you get and how you get them.

For example, a transmitter might say "transmission will be triggered after the active character uses an elemental skill" and you might connect that to the receiver that boosts burst damage. Each of these buffs lasts for twenty seconds, but as far as I can see, it's better to have all the transmitters connected to one receiver, so your party specializes in one thing and gains the maximum buff for it. For each challenge, you're also given a selection of trial characters to use and it's obvious from them and the Transmitters what each challenge wants you to focus on.

The Diffracted Hypothesis challenge is all about buffing normal attacks, since they give you Ayato and Yun Jin, and each transmitter is triggered through using normal attacks, elemental skills, or dealing elemental damage with normal attacks. Each challenge also has a special Domain effect, which makes it easy to work out how you should play to get that high score.

Another day, another doorway to a weird Genshin Domain.


Harmonic Points

When you "transmit" and gain a buff, you'll accrue Harmonic Points. These fill the bar at the top of the screen up to four times, granting your party increased critical damage. For this reason, choosing any of the receivers that buff elemental mastery is kind of shooting yourself in the foot. After all, elemental reactions can't crit, so you'd be reducing your advantage. If you don't want to think too hard, just choose a buff to elemental burst or skill damage, since they are the most powerful tools you have.


The best way to gain points and the maximum rewards are to defeat Nemeses. These powerful enemies appear throughout the battle, and it's well worth building your buffs to take them down quickly. Each trial effectively has unlimited enemies, so the only stop on how many points you get is how quickly you can defeat them. That said, it might be better to bring characters with powerful AoE bursts rather than more single-target DPS characters.

How to get the Vibro-Crystal Research event rewards

Vibro-Crystal Research is one of the most generous mini-events we've had in a long while, with a total of 350 Primogems on offer. You only have to get the basic rank in each challenge to earn them, and you don't even need to build or bring any characters, since trial ones are provided. Simply complete each challenge and the rewards will be yours.

And that's the long and short of the Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research event. Enjoy!

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