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3 essential ways to replenish Resin in Genshin Impact

Rise up Resin.

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In its short time on the market, Genshin Impact has amassed a player base of at least 17 million. One of the biggest roadblocks avid players hit has everything to do Genshin Impact's Original Resin system. Functionally similar to stamina in other games, particularly mobile games, Original Resin is needed to participate in endgame activities like leylines, open-world bosses, and domains.

So how exactly can you get more Resin? Here are the three most efficient ways to replenish your Resin supply in Genshin Impact.

How much Resin does each activity cost?

Currently, all players have access to a maximum of 120 Resin that they can spend to collect rewards for activities. Each activity costs a different amount of Resin to complete.

  • Ley Line Outcrops cost 20 Resin to complete
  • Abyssal Domains cost 20 Resin to complete
  • Elite Bosses cost 40 Resin to complete
  • Weekly Bosses cost 60 Resin to complete

Once you've depleted your Resin on any of these tasks, you'll have to get it refilled to continue participating in any of these activities.

1. Wait for your Resin to replenish

The first method to refill your Resin is by waiting. Your Resin gauge will refill by one point every eight minutes. Therefore, it takes 16 hours to fully replenish all 120 Resin from zero.

2. Pay Primogems to replenish your Resin

The second thing you can do is pay a sum of Primogems to replenish 60 Resin instantly. You can do this up to six times a day. The cost to replenish your Resin will rise incrementally each time, capping out at 200 Primogems for 60 Resin. These are all the prices per replenishment below.

  • Your first refill costs 50 Primogems.
  • Your second refill costs 100 Primogems.
  • Your third refill costs 100 Primogems.
  • Your fourth refill costs 150 Primogems.
  • Your fifth refill costs 200 Primogems.
  • Your sixth refill costs 200 Primogems.

If you need an extra bit of Resin, you certainly shouldn't resort to paying Primogems. 50 Primogems is far too hefty a sum for an activity that takes under 10 minutes. Save your Primogems for the next Banner or something you actually need.

3. Use Fragile Resin to replenish your Resin

You can use one Fragile Resin to replenish 60 Resin. They're available for use on the last page of your inventory. You'll begin to unlock Fragile Resin after reaching Adventure Rank 12. You'll gain a new Fragile Resin every few Adventure Ranks from that point on.

After reaching Adventure Rank 20, you'll gain one Fragile Resin every time your Adventure Rank goes up. From Rank 25 onward you'll gain two Fragile Resin every time your Adventure Rank goes up.

The best plan to properly manage your stash is by rarely spending Fragile Resin until you reach Adventure Rank 30. You won't need to use it any sooner than that. This way, you'll have enough Fragile Resin to feel like you're still progressing once you reach the late game.

Unfortunately, those are all the ways that you can currently replenish your Resin. It's still a difficult system to manage for most players. Developer MiHoYo has mentioned that some changes to Resin will be among the many changes coming in Update 1.1. In a recent blog, the developer mentioned that players will have their Resin storage space increased by 40 to 160 total Resin. It doesn't quite change the overall Resin issue, but it's a start.

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