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Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's Klee Banner

To Klee or not to Klee?

The first banner in Genshin Impact featured Venti, who is arguably the game's best character. For the duration of the latest banner, you have an increased chance to obtain Klee, a high-damage Pyro character, along with a few others.

Are they worth it? Should you spend your Primogems getting Klee or wait for the next banner? Here's what you need to know before spending your Primogems.

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What characters are featured in the Genshin Impact Klee Banner?

If a character is featured on a Genshin Impact Banner, that means there's an increased rate of obtaining them if you spend wishes on that Banner. The Klee Banner features the five-star Pyro DPS, Klee, and three four-star characters: Noelle, Sucrose, and Xingqiu.

There's an increased chance of getting each one in this banner.

Are you guaranteed to get Klee in Genshin Impact?

Not quite. You're not guaranteed to get Klee immediately if you pull from the Klee banner. Luckily, Genshin Impact does feature a mercy system. If you conduct 89 attempts without getting a five-star reward, you're guaranteed to a five-star item on your ninetieth pull. The guaranteed five-star item has a 50 percent chance to be Klee. If you last another 90 attempts without getting Klee, your one-hundred and eightieth attempt is guaranteed to be Klee.

If you attempted to win Venti in the previous banner but failed, those tries carry to the Klee banner.

That's Klee!


Is Klee a good character in Genshin Impact?

Klee is a Pyro DPS (damage-per-second or, more plainly, a highly offensive character) that fights using massive AoE (Area of Effect) attacks, making her useful against groups. Overall, she's mediocre.

Her basic tap attack tosses Pyro bombs that can be chained into a three-hit combo. If you hold the attack button Klee produces a laser beam. Klee's Elemental Skill is a cartoonish bomb that bounces a few times and explodes, spreading fire mines across the field. Her Elemental Burst creates a fire laser rain that will damage enemies for a short time.

Klee can be a useful character, but she requires a fairly high degree of mastery to use properly. Many players have found it difficult to integrate her skillset into their parties. If she's in your party, Klee needs to be your main character or else she's nearly useless. She's also useful if your part is otherwise lacking a Pyro character that isn't Amber.

If you're still on the fence, you can briefly play as Klee during a mission unlocked at Adventure Rank 32. That should give you a good idea of if Klee is right for you. There's also this nearly 4000-word post on Reddit gushing about Klee's various skills.

Should you pay for the Klee banner in Genshin Impact?

In addition to Klee, the latest Rate-Up banner includes Noelle, Sucrose, and Xingqiu. The utility of this trio depends on what you specifically need in your team. These are not characters that will necessarily make combat easier. All three are rather terrible combatants that place squarely in C-tier on our Genshin Impact tier list. Despite this, Xingqiu and Sucrose have incredible passive abilities.

When cooking or crafting, you can equip certain characters to gain bonuses from the process like a small refund or a stronger result. Xingqiu and Sucrose both have passives that will improve your gains from crafting.

If you equip Xingqiu while crafting materials to improve a character's talent, there's a 25 percent chance that some portion of the materials will be refunded. If Sucrose is equipped while you're crafting Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, there's a 10 percent chance to obtain double the product.

What this means is that obtaining these characters could cut down on your Resin spending while farming for certain materials. Or their abilities could easily save you just a bit of time. These are helpful passives for players that are enjoying Genshin Impact's current endgame.

If you're spending most of your time in Genshin Impact crafting and farming materials, you should certainly try your luck on the Klee banner then promptly stop once you've acquired Xingqiu and Sucrose. Klee herself isn't worth spending your Primogems on.

What banner comes after Klee in Genshin Impact?

Xiao banner


When Klee's banner concludes, a leak for Genshin Impact version 1.1 suggests that a Xiao-centric Rate-Up banner will be next. This banner is currently what's featured on the 1.1 closed beta server available to certain users.

Xiao is a fantastic Anemo DPS that ranked as one of the best characters in Genshin Impact on our tier list. He can transform into a powerful monster that can demolish enemies with ease. The only caveat being that his empowered form drains his health at a rapid pace. Xiao's banner will likely debut alongside version 1.1 on November 11, 2020.

Xiao is a character that you should definitely save up some Primogems to obtain.

Following Xiao's banner, it's rumored that the next banner will feature Zhongli, a Geo DPS. From what has been seen via test server leaks, Zhongli is going to be a rather strong character as well.

Both of these characters will likely boost your party's overall strength far more effectively than Klee.

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