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4 steps to unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact

Mildly tedious tasks are the path to peace.

Genshin Impact is denser than a neutron star. There are quests to find and activities to uncover everywhere you look. Once you've reached Liyue, you might find the Nine Pillars of Peace quest on your docket. How exactly do you complete this quest? What do you need to do?

This is everything we know about the Nine Pillars of Peace quest.

How do you unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace quest in Genshin Impact?

If you've rarely ventured outside the main quests, you might not even have the Nine Pillars of Peace on your quest list. To add the quest to your journal, all you need to do is visit Cuijue Slope. When you arrive, you'll see numerous (nine to be exact) glowing pillars with a door and a tombstone in the center. Interact with the tombstone to unlock the quest. Now it can stay in the back of your mind as you continue your journey through the world.

How do you complete the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact?

Step 1: Find all the Geoculus and upgrade the Liyue Statue of the Seven

Alternatively, you can just follow a video to unlock all the Geoculus, one by one.

To complete Nine Pillars of Peace, you need to fill the vacant holes in the nine pillars with special topaz colored orbs. You'll earn one orb every time you level up the Liyue Statue of the Seven using Geoculus found throughout the world. You'll need nine orbs total to unlock every pillar, meaning you need to find 130 Geoculous in total.

Alas, finding every Geoculus can be a rather daunting ordeal. Luckily, update 1.1 added the Geoculus Resonance Stone as a craftable item. You can use the Resonance Stone as a compass to easily locate every Geoculus in Liyue.

To unlock the Geoculus Resonance Stone as a crafting object, you need to reach reputation level 2 in Liyue. You can then forge it at any Elemental Crafting Bench in Teyvat using five Cor Lapis, Five Glaze Lilies, and one Crystal Chunk. You'll need to make one Geoculus Resonance Stone for each Geoculus.

Alternatively, you can just follow the video above to unlock all the Geoculus, one by one.

Step 2: Place them in the pillars around Cuijue Slope

Locations for all Nine Pillars of Peace


Once you've finished upgrading the Liyue Statue of the Seven, and obtained all the related orbs, head back to the pillars in Cuijue Slope. You'll have to scale all nine to find a small opening on each one where you can place your newly collected topaz-colored orb. You can find exact locations for all nine pillars on the map above this text.

After placing an orb, a treasure box will appear below the pillar and the structure will emit an orange hue. After you've filled all nine pillars with your orbs, the central gate will open up. Enter to continue your quest.

Step 3: Enter the central gate and defeat the foes inside

Now that you've shown your worth by collecting all nine orbs, you'll be able to enter the ruins. They house a bountiful treasure. Be warned before you venture inside that a fight awaits you. There's a three-round skirmish inside that you should be prepared to fight.

Here's what you can expect to fight:

Round 1 – one Ruin Guard

Round 2 – two Geovishap Hatchling

Round 3 – one Ruin Hunter

If you're not strong enough, this brawl will quickly get the best of you. Make sure to bring your best items or invite a friend, ensuring that you emerge victoriously.

Step 4: Collect the treasure and sell it to second-hand stores

Now that you've bested the big scary folks guarding the treasure, you can collect your reward. You'll find a Precious Chest and a Luxurious Chest awaiting you behind the ruins. After you've looted both chests, the quest still isn't over. One chest will award you a Dull Ring item, which can be sold in Liyue Harbor for a small fortune.

You'll have two places to pawn the item. First, you can sell your Dull Ring to the Antique Store at night for 200,000 Mora, or you can speak to Bolai of Wanyou Boutique, who will buy it off you for 180,000 Mora and throw in five Adeptus' Temptation meals. The Adeptus' Temptation will increase your attack significantly when consumed, allowing you to tackle more difficult bosses with relative ease.

The choice is ultimately yours, of course, but you should definitely select Bolai's offer.

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