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7 must-have items to farm before Genshin Impact adds Ganyu

Ganyu is coming.

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Genshin Impact 1.2 is a massive update. It brought new story missions, a whole new region, and fresh new characters. But the update goodness isn't quite over yet. A second character, Ganyu the Cryo archer, is coming on January 12. If you're planning to pull for her, you can start preparing by accruing these seven essential items needed to max Ganyu out.

Here's everything you need to collect for Ganyu in Genshin Impact.

What are Ganyu's upgrade items in Genshin Impact?

According to a handy graphic that's been making the rounds on Reddit, upgrading Ganyu's talents requires "Diligence" talent books, Nectar-themed items, three Crowns of Insight, and Shadow of the Warrior Meanwhile, to ascend Ganyu and unlock her level caps, you'll need a mix of Shiva Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Qingxin, and again Nectar-themed items.

Upgrade materials needed for Ganyu.

u/Deviltakoyaki / MiHoYo

It's time to get cracking on farming materials for Ganyu before she drops. It might feel rather daunting, but if you start now, it'll be over in a flash.

Remember that you can combine lower-level materials at alchemic Crafting Benches in Liyue Harbor and Mondstadt. The effectiveness of this can be increased using either Sucrose or Xingqiu, the former of which is available in the Albedo banner.

Where can you farm "Diligence" talent books in Genshin Impact?

You're going to need many "Diligence" series talent books to max out Ganyu's talents.

This series consists of Teachings of "Diligence," Guide to "Diligence," and Philosophies of "Diligence." All three can be obtained as drops from the Taishan Mansion domain located by Jueyun Karst in Liyue. You first need to be Adventure Rank 26 to access the domain and you need to visit the mansion on Tuesday or Friday or Sunday to secure the drops.

For specific numbers, Ganyu requires nine Teachings of "Diligence," 63 Guide to "Diligence," and 114 Philosophies of "Diligence."

Where can you farm the Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact?

Crown of Insight is necessary to upgrade every single late level talent to their maximum in Genshin Impact. Ganyu's needs are no exception. Unfortunately, you cannot farm the Crown of Insight under normal means. It's primarily acquired through events like Unreconciled Stars and Chalk Prince and the Dragon, which both rewarded one Crown of Insight. You can also obtain one by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine to level 11.

Where can you farm Shadow of the Warrior in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu needs 18 Shadow of the Warrior to max out her talents. It's needed for all her later level talents, beginning at Talent Level 6. You can acquire Shadow of the Warrior by defeating Tartaglia in the Enter the Golden House Trounce Domain when set to level 70 or higher. The domain becomes available after completing Liyue Act 3 and besting Tartaglia in the main story.

How can you farm Nectar in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu requires Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, and Energy Nectar for improving her character. Nectar is necessary for both increasing talent level and ascending her level cap.

All three items are found by killing Whopperflowers. Whopperflower Nectar is dropped by any slain slime; Shimmering Nectar, are dropped by Whopperflowers at level 40 or higher; Energy Nectar is dropped by Whopperflowers that are level 60 and higher.

There's no singular location in Teyvat that you can attend for all your Whopperflower needs. However, you can pinpoint a nearby Whopperflower using your Adventure's Handbook, by selecting the creature as a tracking target. This will provide an easy in-game farming route for you to follow.

Where can you farm Qingxin in Genshin Impact?

As emissary to the Liyue Qixing, of course, Ganyu requires the similarly rare Qingxin flower. She needs 168 Qingxin flowers to max out her talents. You can find these floral goodies in a few separate places. You can purchase them in sets of 10 at Bubu Pharmacy, where the inventory restocks every three days.

A Qingxin location map.

Map Genie / miHoYo

If you'd like to locate them in the wild, Huaguang Stone Forest and Jueyun Karst are particularly bountiful locations. Specifically, check mountaintops to find the flower. You can also find Qingxin in high supply atop the mountains by Qingce Village.

Where can you farm Shiva Jade and Hoarfrost Cores in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu is a Cryo character, meaning she's going to need healthy amounts of Shiva Jade and Hoarfrost Cores to ascend to her maximum level. You can find Hoarfrost Cores by defeating non-event versions of the Cryo Regisvine in Mondstadt.On occasion, you'll receive Shiva Jade for defeating the Wolf of the North. Shiva Jade can be purchased in small sums from souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt.

For Shiva Jade, Ganyu requires one sliver, nine fragments, nine chunks, and six gemstones. If have any overflow, all Shiva Jade can be crafted into higher levels using a Crafting Bench. Ganyu requires 46 total Shiva Jades to be maxed out.

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