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How to Complete The Pirate King’s Treasure Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Sail the high seas in search of treasure.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s open world is packed with hidden treasures, and one particularly useful piece of pirate’s booty becomes available late in the game. After getting control of the Tiny Bronco’s aquatic form and docking at Costa del Sol, players can find an odd-looking treasure chest on the dock, which begins the Pirate King’s Treasure quest.

As part of the quest, you’ll get a map marking four pieces of treasure called pirate’s relics. At each location, called a Pirate King’s Grotto, the party has to dispatch a tough monster before grabbing the treasure. The reward for doing all that is the Corsair’s Compass — a piece of equipment that points toward even more treasure on the high seas — so it’s worth the time to knock this quest out as quickly as possible.

The Pirate’s Treasure Map will point you toward a valuable relic for exploring the high seas.

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Costa del Sol is marked with an anchor on this quest’s custom map, making it easy to use in combination with your mini map. The challenge is finding docks that let you land close to the map’s red X marks to reach them.

Pirate’s Relic Gamma (γ)

Starting from Costa del Sol, the two treasures to its north are easy to reach. Start by sailing northeast, in the direction of the Northern Continent, which a major story quest should be directing you to at this point. Pass through the small channel between two land masses shown on the map and keep an eye to the left, where you’ll see the glowing orange marker of a dock at Pirate King’s Grotto γ.

Pirate’s Relic Gamma is a short trip from Costa del Sol.

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To grab the treasure, you’ll need to beat the Hueyacoatl, a winged monster that attacks with its claws in melee and with lightning bolts at range. Hueyacoatl can be staggered with wind-based attacks. Controlling Yuffie and switching to wind ninjutsu makes this fight significantly easier, since she can deal elemental damage at range while still dodging all of Hueyacoatl’s attacks.

Once you defeat the monster, climb up the ledge behind it to grab a piece of the pirate’s relic.

Pirate’s Relic Delta (δ)

Continue northeast from here, sailing to the right on the small island at the end of the channel, then hugging the left side of the larger island ahead. The dock for Pirate King’s Grotto δ is tucked into a cove just below the northernmost point of the island. Stick close to land as you sail and it should be easy to spot.

Pirate’s Relic Delta is tucked into a nearby cove.

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This time, a Sea Dragon guards the treasure. Like the Hueyacoatl, it uses a mix of close-range and far-range attacks, this time with fire. Yuffie is again useful here, using the lightning ninjutsu. It’s also a good idea to equip someone with poison materia, since inflicting poison will pressure the Sea Dragon and extinguish its powerful flames. Once again, remember to grab the pirate’s relic directly behind the Sea Dragon on the way out.

Two more treasures remain, both of which are far from the first two, so they can be tackled in any order.

Pirate’s Relic Beta (β)

One of the remaining treasures is south of Junon. Starting from the Junon seaport, head south, and keep an eye out for a lighthouse atop a rocky island. The dock for Pirate King’s Grotto β is on the far southern end of this small island.

Just south of Junon is Pirate’s Relic Beta.

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A Brineborn Demon guards this island’s treasure. It’s much faster than the first two monsters, making it a tougher fight. It’s best to tackle it with an agile character and hitting it with fire attacks, so yet again, Yuffie is a great choice to balance offense and demense. Make sure to stagger the Brineborn Demon as quickly as possible once it uses Counterstance, or it will cast the powerful Graviga spell.

Pirate’s Relic Alpha (α)

The final pirate’s relic is near the Gongaga Port. It’s the hardest to find, since the pirate’s map has a mark for this treasure in the middle of a landmass that doesn’t actually exist. Starting from Gongaga Port, head out toward the ocean until you pass a cluster of large rocks sticking out of the water to your right, then swing around them and head for land south of the port. The dock for Pirate King’s Grotto α is on a beach that should be easily visible once you’re close enough.

Pirate’s Relic Alpha is the hardest to find, thanks to an unreliable map.

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One more time, you’ll face a tough fight with the treasure’s guardian. Called the Ogre Raider, this foe is weak to ice. Compared to the previous beasts, its attacks and movement are a bit slower, so using Aerith to unleash ice spells while teleporting between wards when it gets close is a simple way to dispatch the Ogre.

With all the pirate’s relics gathered, use the Item Transmuter to craft the Corsair’s Compass. With this device, a compass overlay will appear on the Tiny Bronco when treasure is nearby. The sea in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is full of valuable crafting components and other items, so taking a detour whenever the compass appears is usually a good idea.

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