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FF7 Remake Part 2 theory may alter a playable character's sketchy role

This fan theory about Cait Sith could solve FF7 Remake's biggest plot hole.

Final Fantasy VII Remake's ending is chock full of surprises for newcomers and long-time fans of the class JRPG, but a new fan theory emerged Monday morning that explains how one surprising character who survived the finale may have been saved by the game's sketchiest supporting character. And it could have a major impact on how things unfold in FF7 Remake Part 2.

Spoilers for FF7 Remake follow.

One of the biggest surprises at the end of FF7 Remake is that Biggs, a member of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche, survived the destruction of the Sector 7 plate late in the game. We see him recuperating at the Sector 5 orphanage where he used to work in the ending cinematic. Both he and another character Jessie appear mortally wounded at the same point they die in the original, but after Cloud, Aerith, and the rest of the party defeat the Arbiter of Fate that frees them from the course of Destiny, things change. But how exactly did a gravely wounded Biggs make it far enough away in that short span of time?

A new fan theory emerged on Reddit Monday morning suggests that one character who had little more than a cameo in FF7 Remake could've played a major role in saving Biggs.

The character in question is Cait Sith, a plush toy cat remoted controlled by Shinra Urban Development Executive Reeve Tuesti. Reeve plays a minor role in FF7 Remake's story as a Shinra executive who feels conflicted about the corporation's evil actions. He deploys Cait seemingly to try and stop the destruction of Sector 7 — we see him briefly in the above cinematic — unfortunately, he watches in frustration as the plate comes down.

A theory from Reddit user DigiG6 explains an apparent plot hole from this whole sequences that implies, even then, that Biggs was saved by someone off-camera.

"In Chapter 12, Cloud has a farewell talk with Biggs and then proceeds to go up the S7 tower and is later joined with Tifa who starts climbing the tower a short time later," the post explains. It goes on to point out that "when Tifa meets up with Cloud, she never mentions seeing Biggs' unconscious body," so this could mean that "Tifa never saw Biggs while climbing the tower." In other words, Biggs was removed from the tower within minutes of Cloud leaving his unconscious body. But who saved him?

"I believe that Tifa never saw Biggs and that someone must have picked him in the small time interval between Cloud leaving Biggs and Tifa climbing the tower," the theory ultimately concludes. While this post doesn't specify which character saved Biggs, those responding to it point out that Cait Sith is really the only major character that works as BIggs' savior.

"One of the theories going around is that Cait Sith may have saved Biggs, possibly by controlling his big Moogle," redditor qinyu5 writes. "That would make his cameo during the Sector 7 plate fall actually significant to the plot rather than just being a nod to OG players." Assuming it was indeed Caith Sith that saved Biggs, then that would "help Cait Sith in initially gaining the party's trust" whenever the robot joins the part in Part 2.

Either way, we'll have to learn the truth of Biggs' survival at some point in the sequel, and this is the best explanation we've heard yet.

The Inverse Analysis — Cait Sith's cameo in FF7 Remake felt out of place, especially as someone who hasn't played the original game. Plenty of FF7 newcomers probably saw Cait Sith's cameo as deeply confusing. Biggs's survival also seemed implausible considering the situation he was supposedly in when the plate crashed. I can completely buy into this theory because it gives a reasonable explanation for those two plot holes.

FF7 Remake's ending showed that the game wasn't afraid to deviate from the original, so I don't see adding this moment as too problematic for Cait's story. That said, Biggs's survival is definitely something that the sequel needs to explain as it's a bit too important of a plot point to overlook.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now for PS4.

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