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How to complete Destiny 2's Aspect of Influence quest for each class

New Stasis abilities have come to Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen is here. Guardians are digging into the looter-shooter’s latest update, which was released on Tuesday and is filled with new loot and activities. Most significantly, the update brings a set of new Stasis abilities, giving Guardians some fresh ice powers to play around with.

Getting the new abilities requires running through a new quest called "Aspect of Influence." Once completed, Hunters can get Grim Harvest, Warlocks can grab Bleak Watcher, and Titans acquire Howl of the Storm. All of those bring something new to the table, so they’re a must for pretty much any kind of Destiny 2 player.

Here’s how to complete Aspect of Influence and get your new powers.

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What you need to do before Aspect of Influence

Before diving into the quest itself, there’s a small checklist you need to run through to get started. Naturally, you need to own the Beyond Light update, which added Stasis to the game. On top of that, you’ll have to have beaten its main campaign.

You also need to make sure you’ve gotten Salvation's Grip, a stasis exotic weapon that was available in the expansion. Finally, you’ll need to make sure you unlocked all of the original stasis aspects before getting the new one. So if you bought the update, but never played much, you’ll need to finish the job.

The Salvation's Grip exotic weapon in Destiny 2.


How to complete Aspect of Influence in Destiny 2

To start, head over to the Exo Stranger in Europa to pick up the quest. Basically, you’re going to empower a skeleton key, complete a mission, and finish a heroic event. Make sure you have Salvation’s Grip equipped, as it’s needed to complete one step of the process.

Head over to the quest marker on Europa to kick this off. This is straightforward enough: Kill a bunch of fallen and Vex to progress forward. Once you do that, you’ll eventually come across an Entropic Shard. Shoot that with Salvation’s Grip. You’ll get more waves of enemies and more shards to shoot, so rinse and repeat.

Shooting a crux in Destiny 2's Aspect of Influence quest.


This will all culminate in a boss fight, so take it out to finish powering your skeleton key. A new quest step will open, which asks you to complete a Heroic Exo challenge. Grab a fireteam if you can, but head to the marker when you’re ready either way.

The challenge appears to rotate so it might change from week to week. Currently, you’ll have to run Simulation: Safeguard. This is just a matter of keeping Vex off a central platform. It’s a wave defense mode with an overwhelming number of robots to fight, so bring your best gear.

Once that’s done, you just have to take the skeleton key back to the Ziggurat on Europa and commune with the darkness, as you’ve done several times before. After a quick chat with the darkness, you’ll get your new aspect.

What are Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen’s new aspects?

Each aspect does something different, so here’s a quick rundown of each. For Hunters, Grim Harvest is all about recharging your melee. Every time you kill a frozen enemy, you and your teammates can pick up shards that’ll refresh your punch ability.

Warlocks essentially get a turret. Bleak Watcher changes your grenade into a stationary gun that’ll freeze enemies.

Finally, Titans have a very cool ability with Howl of the Storm. When your melee is charged up, you’ll actually create an ice glacier behind you when you slide.

Each aspect is a total blast to play that adds some new applications to the game, so check them out and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Season of the Chosen is active in Destiny 2.

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