3 wicked Destiny 2 Stasis subclass names finally revealed in new trailer

Shadebinder. Revenant. Behemoth.

For the first time in franchise history, Destiny 2's upcoming fall update, Beyond Light, will introduce an entirely new energy source called Stasis that powers a unique set of Darkness-based subclasses for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. During Geoff Keighley's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation, we finally got a closer look at each subclass, including the names.

Previously, Guardians in Destiny could only wield Light-based powers of Solar, Arc, and Void that more or less represent fire, electricity, and the weird purple magic that exists in the vacuum beneath matter in this strange sci-fi universe. But with the Beyond Light expansion, due out November 10, the game will let Guardians harness energy rooted in Darkness, the same stuff that powers most enemy groups in the game. It manifests as three distinct but overlapping subclasses in terms of their effects.

Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters get some icy new Darkness powers in 'Beyond Light.'


This "Stasis" energy somehow resonates with ice elemental energy, allowing the three new subclasses to freeze enemies and even create icy structures on the fly. Stasis fields can even slow down enemies, and broken Stasis crystals can rip enemies to shreds.

Bungie will be revealing more information about these three new subclasses in early September, but Gamescom's Opening Night Live dropped a new trailer for the suite of subclasses that confirmed the names of each.

Warlock — Shadebinder

"Fracture with frost."

As is the case with each of these subclasses, when the Warlock Shadebinder activates their ultimate ability, their entire bodies become covered in a sheet of spiky ice.

Just like almost every other subclass ult in the game, they summon a weapon, except this one's new: Shadebinder creates a wicked-looking ice staff that they can use to shoot balls of energies that freeze enemies, or they can emit an area-of-effect blast that can shatter frozen enemies.

Late in the trailer, we also see a Warlock drop a Rift, which causes a negative status effect (it looks like Stasis and not freeze) against any enemies that enter its range.

Hunter — Revenant

"Bring the storm."

Some of the best subclasses in the game, particular in the Crucible, allow a Guardian to summon a weapon they can use against enemies at close range or throw as a projectile. That's never been the case for Hunters, but finally, that's changing.

Here's the trailer revealing the subclass names and some of the abilities in action.

Revenant allows the Hunter to summon two icy pickaxes that look like kamas or small scythes. They can be hurled at enemies to seemingly trigger a Stasis effect. (We also see their grenades create a bubble that does the same; These will probably be an option for all three subclasses.) These kamas also seem to replace the traditional Hunter knives we see with Gunslinger, and when thrown, they bounce off walls, which feels like a really interesting added dynamic that'll make Hunters rethink how they approach Crucible firefights.

Titan — Behemoth

"Crash like an avalanche."

As bombastic as ever, the new Titan Behemoth subclass just sort of transforms their fist into a little iceberg. That may seem a bit underwhelming compared to a wizard staff and dual kamas, but given how closely Behemoth seems to resemble the Titan's Striker subclass in terms of reckless offensive power, that won't matter.

The Behemoth has a ground-slam shockwave attack that can freeze waves of oncoming enemies and also launch into a long-distance punch that can shatter a frozen foe. Later on in the trailer, a Titan tosses a grenade that seems to create a tall ice wall directly in front of them. After leaping into the air, they execute one of those slamming punches that Titans seem to love so much.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be released November 10, 2020.

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