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All 6 Dead Space Suit Upgrades and Schematic Locations

Collect these suits to stand a chance aboard the USG Ishimura.

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Much like the original, the Dead Space remake gives you access to a wide variety of upgrades, including the ability to enhance your suit. While some suit upgrades are easy to acquire, others require a bit of searching and are easily missed aboard the USG Ishimura. But what exactly do these suit upgrades do and where can you find them? Below are the locations of all six suit upgrades in the Dead Space remake.

How suit upgrades work

With the exception of the default Rig, all suit upgrades must be purchased from the Shop — with each one being more expensive than the last. For some suit upgrades, you first need to find schematics similar to the collectibles tied to weapons. You must then take these schematics to a Shop to unlock the ability to buy the suit upgrade. Keep in mind, you can revisit areas from previous chapters, so long as you haven’t reached the point of no return at the end of Chapter 11.

Here’s where to find all suit upgrades in Dead Space.

Dead Space suit locations

Acquiring suit upgrades is essential to surviving aboard the USG Ishimura, especially on harder difficulties.

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Suit Level 1

This is the default Suit Level that you start with. You’ll be stuck with this one until you reach the first Shop.

Suit Level 2

Upon arriving at the Shop for the first time, you’ll have the option to purchase Suit Level 2 for 10,000 credits. This gives you 18 inventory slots and a 5 percent boost to armor.

Suit Level 3

This schematic is found in the EVA Prep Room.

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For this Rig, you’ll need to find the Intermediate Engineer Rig schematic located in Chapter 4. Head to the EVA Prep Room as you make your way to the ADS Cannons and you’ll find the Intermediate Engineer Rig on a bench. Then, purchase the upgrade from the Shop for 20,000 credits.

It gives you 22 inventory slots and a 10 percent armor boost.

Suit Level 4

Once again, you need to collect a schematic for this one. The Intermediate Miner Rig schematic is found in Chapter 7, in the Equipment Workshop. It’s just next to the SOS Beacon on a table. Then, purchase the upgrade from the Shop for 35,000 credits.

Suit Level 4 offers 26 inventory slots and a 15 percent armor boost.

Suit Level 5

To obtain Suit Level 5, you’ll need the Advanced Engineering Rig schematic from Chapter 10. It’s inside the Locker Room and Showers in the Crew Quarters on a bench. Head to the Shop and buy this upgrade for 60,000 credits.

Suit Level 5 gives you 30 inventory slots and a 20 percent armor boost.

Suit Level 6

The final upgrade, Suit Level 6, can only be obtained in New Game Plus. Head to a Shop in New Game Plus and buy the upgrade for 99,000 credits. This suit still only has 30 inventory slots but offers a 30 percent armor boost.

Dead Space is available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC now.

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