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Here's exactly how long it takes to beat the Dead Space remake

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The terrors of Dead Space have returned with a remake of the classic 2008 sci-fi survival horror game. Not only is the original experience recreated with modern graphics from the ground up, but there’s also a slew of terrifying changes that modernize the game for a new generation of players. In fact, our reviewer calls Dead Space 2023’s first GOTY contender with a 10 out of 10 score. At the very least, it’s a game worth putting on the backlog for any horror enthusiast. But just how much of a time commitment are we talking about here? Here’s how long you can expect to spend playing Dead Space.

How long is Dead Space?

The Dead Space remake takes between 12 to 16 hours to complete based on the latest reviews. Our reviewer took about 12 hours to complete his playthrough on PC.

Dead Space and its remake don’t differ much in length. According to How Long to Beat, the original Dead Space took around 11 hours for a casual run and about 20 hours for a completionist one. Dead Space remake reviewers from IGN, NPR, and The Verge report between 12 and 16 hours for their playthroughs, so players should expect a slightly longer experience than the first Dead Space. The additional time presumably comes from revamped puzzles and additional content.

How many chapters are in Dead Space?

Dead Space has 12 chapters that differ slightly from the original:

  • Chapter 1: New Arrivals
  • Chapter 2: Intensive Care
  • Chapter 3: Course Correction
  • Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent
  • Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard
  • Chapter 7: Into the Void
  • Chapter 8: Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival
  • Chapter 10: End of Days
  • Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
  • Chapter 12: Dead Space

Does Dead Space have a post-game or New Game Plus?

Dead Space has a New Game+ feature that unlocks after finishing the game for the first time. If you load a cleared save slot, it starts a new playthrough in New Game+. In this case, players will have access to all the weapons, items, upgrades, and credits from the playthrough they load up.

Note that you won’t start the New Game+ playthrough with all the items in your inventory. Issac will need to retrieve from the storage from any of the stores, which he will be free to do at any time throughout the game. Unfortunately, abilities aren’t included in the New Game+ package. Players regain Stasis, Kinesis, and their other abilities during the “appropriate point” in their Dead Space playthrough. It could be because the abilities are tied to specific plot points that wouldn’t make sense without going through them again.

Other points to keep in mind for Dead Space New Game+:

  • Level 6 Suit (Advanced Soldier RIG) unlocked
  • Adds Phantom variants for some enemies that are stronger than the regular kind
  • Adds new resources called Marker Fragments, which lead to a secret ending

There are 12 Marker Fragments hidden throughout the New Game+ playthrough.

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