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Where to find all 16 Trick or Treat locations on Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone.

These supply boxes will either give you some useful rewards or frightening jumpscares.

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Each season and event in Call of Duty: Warzone adds new secrets and special collectibles, and Season 6's Halloween-themed Haunting of Verdansk is no exception.

These are scattered across the map for players who are willing to go out of their way to get the best gear and rewards Warzone has to offer. We've seen this with the Bunkers, the secret station added with Season 6, and now the Trick or Treat supply boxes during "The Haunting of Verdansk."

In total, 16 Trick or Treat boxes are present across Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone right now. Here's how you can find them all.

Where are the Trick or Treat locations in Call of Duty: Warzone?

While it's nearly impossible to find every Trick or Treat supply box during a Call of Duty: Warzone match, there are 16 rewards you can find from these Trick or Treat supply boxes. That doesn't necessarily mean that you can get everything by just finding them all for the first time though, as occasionally these will only spawn a jump scare and not give you anything.

Here's where you can find most of the Trick or Treat Supply boxes on Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Though there is a bit of variation in where the Trick or Treat supply create can actually appear, they commonly pop up in the following 16 locations across Verdansk.

  1. Arklov Peak Military Base (Sector 1, North)
  2. Gora Dam (Sector 1, North)
  3. Karst River Quarry (Sector 1, North)
  4. Atlas Superstore (Sector 2, West)
  5. Storage Town (Sector 2, West)
  6. Verdansk International Airport (Sector 2, West)
  7. Zhokov Boneyard (Sector 2, West)
  8. Hospital (Sector 3, Southwest)
  9. Novi Granza Hills (Sector 3, Southwest)
  10. BCH TV Station (Sector 4, Central)
  11. Downtown (Sector 4, Central)
  12. Verdansk Stadium (Sector 4, Central)
  13. Gorengard Lumber Yard (Sector 5, East)
  14. Port of Verdansk (Sector 5, East)
  15. Zordaya Prison Complex/Gulag (Sector 5, East
  16. The train (moves from station to station around Verdansk)

If you want to find the boxes, your best bet is to immediately drop into one of these sixteen locations by yourself or with your squad and start looking for it immediately. For those with detailed knowledge of the map, finding these special supply boxes shouldn't be too hard. It's certainly much more simple than finding the secret station!

What are the Trick or Treat rewards in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Dress up like the villain from 'Saw' while you hunt down these supply boxes.


These Trick or Treat Boxes will grant Call of Duty: Warzone players with a jumpscare or 1 of 16 rewards. These are the rewards you can find at each location:

  1. Arklov Peak Military Base: Return to Dust Epic Assault Rifle Blueprint
  2. Gora Dam: Time of the Season Legendary Watch
  3. Karst River Quarry: Flashy Fate Epic Sticker
  4. Atlas Superstore: Skeleton Crew Epic Spray
  5. Storage Town: Spooky Scene Epic Animated Calling Card
  6. Verdansk International Airport: The Joker Epic Sticker
  7. Zhokov Boneyard: Jack-O'-Lantern Epic Charm
  8. Hospital: Pumpkin Peril Epic Animated Calling Card
  9. Novi Granza Hills: Lil' Demon Epic Charm
  10. BCH TV Station: Freak of Nature Epic Spray
  11. Downtown: Chainsaw Friend Epic Spray
  12. Verdansk Stadium: The Harvester Rare Animated Emblem
  13. Gorengard Lumber Yard: Scary Patch Rare Animated Emblem
  14. Port of Verdansk: Ghoulish Gift Rare Animated Emblem
  15. Zordaya Prison Complex/Gulag: The Cleaver Legendary Melee Blueprint
  16. The Train: The Woodsman Epic Spray

If you manage to find all 16 of these while The Haunting of Verdansk is active, you will get the Pumpkin Punisher Legendary Assult Rifle.

Behold: The Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle.


A Spooky Goodies Charm is also given to players that visit the Trick or Treat submenu that is used to keep track of which rewards you've gotten and where you can find them.

This scavenger hunt is more time-consuming than complex, but the rewards are worth it if you are a fan of Halloween and want more than just the Leatherface and Saw skins.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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