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How to unlock the BP50 in Call of Duty by using an ACOG optic

Strange wording makes this challenge confusing.

Vanguard ACOG BP50

Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded is here and it comes with two new weapons for players to unlock. One of the new firearms is the BP50, which is essentially the F2000 from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). While the act of earning this weapon in Vanguard or Warzone isn’t difficult, the challenge description includes some confusing wording that might cause trouble. To earn the weapon, you need to secure eliminations with an “ACOG” Optic, but the game doesn’t actually feature any attachment by this name. Here, we’ll explain what counts as an ACOG and how to unlock the BP50 in Call of Duty.

How to unlock the BP50 in Vanguard or Warzone

Confusing wording can make earning the BP50 a tricky process.


The challenge description for the BP50 is as follows:

Get 15 ADS kills with an ACOG Optic equiped.

For this, we recommend booting up a match on a smaller map in Vanguard, such as Shipment or Das Haus. Or, if you plan on unlocking the weapon in Warzone, we advise playing Plunder since you can spawn in with your own custom Loadout in this mode. Season 5 Reloaded features the Rebirth Blood Money Quads game mode, making it easy to rack up eliminations. Just be sure to aim down sights for your eliminations to count.

In addition, Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD reported that you can also earn the weapon in Modern Warfare 2019.

Either way, we recommend equipping your favorite long-range rifle (assault rifle, tactical rifle, marksman, or sniper) and applying an ACOG Optic to it.

But what counts as an ACOG Optic?

What counts as ACOG?

The Grau 5.56 with the VLK 3.0x Optic equipped.


There isn’t actually an Optic in Vanguard or Warzone called ACOG. But from our testing, an ACOG Optic is any that offers at least 2.5x magnification. We haven’t tested every single Optic in the game, but the challenge tracked for the VLK 3.0x, the G16 2.5x, and the Axial Arms 3x. It’s possible other Optics count as well, but stick to the ones listed above if you want to complete the challenge quickly. These are Optics you’ll use for long-range builds anyway, so you likely already have a class with an ACOG setup.

One thing that’s worth noting is that progress for this challenge did not track when quitting out of a match in Warzone. So be sure to finish a match to ensure you earn progress towards this particular challenge.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to earn all 15 eliminations in one match — progress carries over with each game, so long as you complete the match.

The BP50 is available in Vanguard and Warzone now.

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