March 2024

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The Future of Transportation

Whoever said “It's not the destination, it's the journey” probably never had to suffer through a three-hour layover. But maybe in a not-too-distant future, getting to your destination might actually be enjoyable — and better for the planet, too. With our eyes on the horizon, Inverse explores the future of transportation, featuring stories on everything from the e-bike revolution to supersonic jets. If any of these ambitious projects take off, the journey itself could become a lot more fun.

ByInverse Staff
The Future of Transportation

The Agony and Ecstasy (and Nausea) of VR Tourism

ByRalph Jones

Is virtual reality the future of travel? I strapped on a headset to find out.

Future of Transportation

Is the Future of Flying Supersonic? Inside NASA’s Push to Make Air Travel Faster Than Ever

ByRob Verger

The X-59 is one of the most tangible representations of a new quest to bring back supersonic flight for commercial passengers.

The Future of Transportation

Meet the Rule-Breaking Mechanics Transforming Classic Cars Into EVs

ByTim Stevens

The future of EVs is starting to look a lot like the gas-guzzling past.

The Future of Transportation

The Past, Present, and Future of Fuel

A once-in-a-generation change in the way we transport ourselves is happening now. But just how did we get here — and what will the future hold?


How the Toyota Mirai Is Paving the Way for a Hydrogen-Based Future

There’s more than one way to create a high-performance, zero-emission vehicle.

The Future of Transportation

Super73's LeGrand Crewse Wants You to Join the E-Bike Revolution

Electric bike-motorcycle hybrids could redefine our commutes. Are you on board?

Reel Science


The Hover Cars in Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Might Actually Be Possible

It all comes down to magnets.

Reel Science

'Minority Report's Greatest Prediction Isn’t the One You Think

Sure, the computers are cool, but a city with no traffic? Now there’s a utopia.

Reel Science

The Past, Present, and (Possible) Future of Submersible Cars

Will James Bond’s ocean-ready sports car ever become a reality?