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WandaVision Ralph Bohner theory solves a huge unanswered mystery

It’s secret identities all the way down.

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WandaVision pulled a fast one with “Fietro.” After weeks of rampant speculation, it turns out Evan Peters was neither a recast Pietro Maximoff or a multi-verse Quicksilver. Instead, he was just “Ralph Bohner,” a name that has never appeared in the comics.

It seems like Ralph was just a made-up name, constructed for maximum comic effect. But what if it isn’t Fietro’s true name? A fan theory uses the nature of Wanda’s Hex to solve multiple lingering questions about who this character truly is.

During the WandaVision finale’s Ralph reveal, many saw a headshot in Mr. Bohner’s bachelor pad and inferred that outside of the Hex, he was an actor. But a theory posted by Redditor u/SidJDuffy claims that Ralph isn’t really an actor; that’s just his Hex alter ego. According to the theory, Ralph is actually the answer to one of WandaVision’s longest lingering questions: Jimmy Woo’s missing witness.

“You’re....Ralph Bohner?”

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It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t once you consider how the Hex worked. It changed people’s jobs, identities, and names, and even changed inanimate things like the bottle of milk in Episode 7. So Fietro was in witness protection, and the Hex morphed him into the closest sitcom-compatible alternative. He was hiding under an assumed identity, so he became an actor.

“Ralph Bohner” may not be his real name at all; keep in mind, even “Fietro” thinks it’s hilarious while he’s still under Agatha’s control with no memory of his Hex identity. That’s the kind of name the goofy neighbor in a sitcom would have. (See: Growing Pains.) Ralph’s headshot could have been created to suit his Hex role, and in reality, it might have belonged to the witness protection file containing his new identity.

Jimmy Woo’s witness as Ralph Bohner as Pietro Maximoff.

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If the theory holds water, then “Fietro” actually possesses three different secret identities. First, he’s the witness put under protection under some unknown name. Then, he’s Hexed into Ralph Bohner, struggling actor. Finally, he’s possessed by Agatha as a recast Pietro. That’s quite a lot of identity crises for one guy.

While the Ralph reveal may have been disappointing for fans, this theory at least provides some closure to those who wanted Fietro to play a bigger part of Westview and those who wondered who Jimmy Woo’s witness was. In the end, Ralph as the witness means he played the biggest role of all: alerting Westview’s existence to the authorities. Not bad for a struggling actor with a very funny name.

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