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WandaVision episode 9 cameo: who will appear in the finale?

From Doctor Strange through Magneto and beyond, here are the big possibilities on the table.

Luke Skywalker is coming to WandaVision. Okay, not literally, but that's the level of "big deal" cameo allegedly on its way to the Disney+ MCU series, ending this week with episode 9.

For weeks now, theories about a Skywalker-grade cameo, The Mandalorian style, have been the talk of WandaVision prognosticators everywhere. The buzz draws origin from comments made by Elizabeth Olsen, exacerbated by comments from Paul Bettany, hyping the arrival of an actor he has long desired to work with.

So ... who is it?

Is this the long-rumored appearance of Doctor Strange, setting up Wanda's future appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Is it someone else entirely? Is it Reed Richards, finally set loose after so many weeks of speculation? Is it going to be smaller-scale than we're guessing, like the Major Goodner reveal?

These aren't rhetorical questions, folks. These are the questions that so many WandaVision viewers are asking, and we're certainly no exception.

With little time left on the clock, members of your friendly neighborhood Inverse entertainment team joined together to offer final predictions for the shocking Skywalker-sized cameo still to come in the WandaVision finale.



"If WandaVision doesn't end with some kind of version of Magneto (Ian Mckellen, Michael Fassbender or a new actor), I'll be very confused as to what the show is actually about. The themes of WandaVision seem to be about some kind of family unit struggling amid superpowers, magic, grief and oppression. Magneto was Wanda's father in the comics, and his story aligns with all those themes. After the X-Men version of Quicksilver appeared, I would be shocked if Magneto isn't at least mentioned in the finale of WandaVision. Failing that, maybe the show hints that one of Wanda's kids can control metal with their mind."

— Ryan Britt, Entertainment Writer

Professor Xavier

X marks the spot.

"Forget Magneto. If WandaVision is building toward the debut of mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, someone who swoops in in moments of great grief and self-discovery, then there's no better avatar than Professor Charles Xavier. Not getting hopes up by any stretch of the imagination, but think about it: Patrick Stewart arriving in Westview, guiding Wanda out of her trauma and toward a future as a founding member of the MCU's X-Men? Okay, yeah, guess my hopes are suddenly pretty high!"

— Josh Wigler, TV + Movies Editor

Doctor Strange

"Dormammu! I've come to cameo!"

"I sometimes worry if The Mandalorian, sublime as it is, created and normalized certain expectations fans want out of these event streaming shows. WandaVision could very well stick the landing, hit all the thematic targets it set for itself, but leave fans sour if it lacks that euphoric thrill of seeing a familiar face no one 'expected.' That said, Marvel is just as guilty for setting these expectations. It was in 2019 when it said outright WandaVision will connect to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We don't have that short of a memory. While this doesn't guarantee a Stephen Strange cameo, it's tough to imagine how else they'll segue into the movie. And they have to: They said they would!"

— Eric Francisco, Senior Staff Writer

Dick Van Dyke

He may look like a walnut ...

"It may just be the fact he had lunch with the creators while the show was in development, but I think Dick Van Dyke really does have the clout to be called a ‘Luke Skywalker moment.’ We know from Episode 8 that Dick Van Dyke was Wanda's favorite show, and an episode was playing when she first used her powers. As to who he’d play, he is 95, but I’ve seen Night at the Museum way too many times and he played a glorious villain in that. Here’s hoping.”

— Dais Johnston, Entertainment Writer

Al Pacino

"What's the deal, Kevin?"

"The internet is convinced that Al Pacino will show up in the WandaVision finale. Why? Because Paul Bettany promised a mind-blowing cameo and who's more mind-blowing than Scarface himself? Plus, Pacino played the devil once before, and rumor has it Mephisto (Marvel's version of the devil) is about to show up in WandaVision. Is it a stretch? Sure. But it's too good not to at least hope for in Episode 9."

— Jake Kleinman, Deputy Editor

Paul Bettany

More Vision? Thumbs up!

"We'll probably see some major surprises in the WandaVision finale and perhaps even cameos from other MCU characters (Doctor Strange is almost certainly that "Luke Skywalker moment") that'll help segue into future, but when it comes to Paul Bettany's mystery character? That's him lightly trolling. The ebullient way he speaks about the 'extraordinary' chemistry is a bit over-the-top. If you watch any of the interviews he's done, Bettany is pretty silly. This is more of that."

— Corey Plante, Associate Gaming Editor

WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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