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WandaVision Episode 7 release date, premiere time, trailer, spoilers, and everything we know

Wanda's carefully constructed reality is starting to crumble.

WandaVision Episode 6’s shocking ending left Marvel fans reeling. The episode’s climax saw Wanda openly using her powers to expand the Hex’s borders by several miles — trapping dozens of new “citizens” in Westview. It was a monumental moment for the show, further establishing Wanda’s immense power and presumably increasing the conflict between her and those outside the town.

Marvel fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out how WandaVision will pick up the pieces from Episode 6’s conclusion. Indeed, the next episode of WandaVision is almost here, so here’s everything you need to know about WandaVision Episode 7’s release date, start time, story, and more.

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When is the WandaVision Episode 7 release date?

WandaVision Episode 7 drops Friday, February 19th on Disney+. There will then be a weeklong wait for the show’s eighth installment (premiering February 26th), which will then be followed up a week later by the WandaVision finale’s premiere on Friday, March 5th.

Jett Klyne and Julian Hilliard in WandaVision Episode 7.

Marvel Studios

When is the WandaVision Episode 7 release time?

As has been the case with every WandaVision installment, WandaVision Episode 7 will become available to stream on Disney+ this Friday at 12:01 a.m. Pacific or 3:01 a.m. Eastern.

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How long is WandaVision Episode 7?

There have been a lot of rumors about WandaVision Episode 7’s run time. Many fans believe the episode will run close to an hour, based on previous comments from Kevin Feige and WandaVision director Matt Shakman. If true, that would make WandaVision Episode 7 the show’s longest installment to date.

However, other rumors have indicated that WandaVision Episode 7 will be 38-minutes-long, which would make it about as long as the show’s sixth episode. So there’s really no way of knowing for sure how long the episode is right now, which means fans probably won’t know WandaVision Episode 7’s length until they press play this Friday.

Where to watch WandaVision Episode 7

Since WandaVision is a Disney+ exclusive series, its episodes are only available to watch on the streaming service. You must be a paid Disney+ subscriber in order to view the series.

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision Episode 7.

Marvel Studios

What is the plot of WandaVision Episode 7?

Disney has teased that WandaVision Episode 7 will follow Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff as she struggles to “accept that everything around her is unraveling.” The episode will also see the series moving into the 2000s era and adopting the same mockumentary style as Modern Family, with Wanda even talking directly to the camera at different points in the episode.

Thanks to footage from previous WandaVision trailers as well, we also know that WandaVision Episode 7 will see the illusions covering Westview continue to fracture and glitch, as Wanda struggles to maintain control over the town. So get ready, it looks like WandaVision Episode 7 is going to be a truly crazy ride.

Is there a WandaVision Episode 7 trailer?

While Marvel has not released an official trailer for WandaVision Episode 7, the studio did unveil a new clip from the episode online today. Clocking in at around 80 seconds, the clip previews the episode’s unique Modern Family-style humor and structure and continues to tease Wanda’s weakening grip on herself, her reality, and her surroundings.

The clip also further sets up Billy’s powers, which were first introduced at the end of WandaVision Episode 6. Wanda also cheekily references her actions in the previous episode, acknowledging that she “let her fear and anger” get the best of her and “intentionally expanded the borders of the false world” she’s created. Wanda says she’s punishing herself for the events of WandaVision Episode 6’s climax by taking a whole day just to herself.

We have a feeling it won’t take very long for Wanda’s plans to, once again, be thrown into disarray though.

WandaVision Episode 7 premieres February 19 on Disney+.

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