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WandaVision is over, and the MCU will never be the same

No more episodes.

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And they lived happily ever after... or did they? Marvel's WandaVision is officially over. The finale Episode 9 is now out on Disney+, bringing Wanda Maximoff and Vision's journey through television history to a close. Here's how it all went down, and how it changed the MCU forever. Major spoilers ahead.

WandaVision: How did it end?

Did they live happily ever after?


Happily ever after? Not quite. WandaVision concludes the series with a sprawling action-oriented installment that features massive blow-out battles between Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness, as well as Vision vs. White Vision. Vision disarms White Vision by turning him into Vision. (More on that soon.) Wanda disarms Agatha by using the old witch's tricks against her, carving runes into the Hex and preventing Agatha's spell-casting — all while realizing her destiny as the Scarlet Witch, a being potentially more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme.

Defeating Agnes, Wanda now turns her attention toward defeating the Hex and moving on with her life. That includes saying goodbye to Billy and Tommy, as well as Vision, who can't survive outside the Hex. Wanda and Vision put their children to sleep (quite literally, leaving them to peacefully drift off in their bedroom) and then say a tearful farewell to one another, with the hope that since they have parted ways so many times, it stands to reason they will meet again.

Wanda leaves Westview for parts unknown. In the final post-credits scene, Wanda is living a quiet life in a remote location (Sokovia, potentially), living in a cabin in the mountains. But her simple existence isn't so simple at all: WandaVision ends with Wanda in full Scarlet Witch regalia, in a magical pose not unlike ones we have seen previously from Doctor Strange, as she studies the Darkhold and hears the voices of Billy and Tommy asking for help. Wanda's eyes are powerful and wide as she seemingly answers the call.

What's going to happen next? That's the question we're left with — a question that only Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can answer.

Here's what else happened in the finale.

WandaVision: Did the finale have a post-credits scene?

Thumbs up!


Yes, two! The final post-credits scene is the aforementioned one involving Wanda and her new life as the Scarlet Witch, magically multi-tasking and hearing the call from Billy and Tommy.

The first post-credits scene is, technically, a mid-credits scene. It takes place as federal agents are coming into Westview and cleaning up Wanda's wreckage. Monica Rambeau reconnects with an old friend of her mother's: a military officer who is actually a Skrull in disguise. This Skrull tells Monica she's needed in space, all but outright spelling out Nick Fury's name in the process.

In this way, WandaVision brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe full circle: the very first film in the MCU ends with Nick Fury's surprise arrival, and the very first premium TV series in the MCU ends with a Fury shout-out of its own. Space Avengers, assemble?

WandaVision: Did Doctor Strange show up in the finale?

The doctor is in.


Short version: no, Doctor Strange did not show up in the finale.

Slightly longer version: no, Doctor Strange did not show up in the finale, but he was very much a factor.

Agatha evokes the name of the Sorcerer Supreme while describing all of Wanda's enormous world-ending potential as the Scarlet Witch, all but assuring Wanda and Stephen's paths are about to collide. Of course, we know those paths are going to collide because we know Wanda is in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But even if we didn't know that, we might assume it based on the evocation of the Darkhold (a magic book that appears to have been misplaced on Strange's watch), not to mention Wanda's own Strange-like multitasking in the post-credits scene. Anticipation for Wanda and Stephen's first real meeting has never been higher than now.

WandaVision: What happened to Vision?

Did Vision survive?


Once, twice, three times? Too many. Vision is now the most killed main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — at least if you're getting grim about it.

Vision manages to diffuse the White Vision conflict without too much violence (but still some), and yet, the only way he's able to peacefully resolve the Westview nightmare is to end his own part in it. Vision eases Wanda's decision to bring down the Hex, with him and the boys down with it. Wanda assures Vision that he was real, flesh and blood born from the part of the Mind Stone that lives within her; he represents her hope, sadness, but mostly, her love.

Before he fades out of existence, Vision reasons that he and Wanda have been here before — twice before, in fact, in Avengers: Infinity War — and that if they survived his death both of those times, they may yet meet again. The hope is very much still in place for Wanda and Vision to once again be in each other's lives.

WandaVision: What happened to White Vision?

White Vision, ready for action.

White Vision survives the WandaVision finale, forever changed as a result of his encounter with ... well, himself.

The android debuts in Westview by trying to kill Wanda and stop the Hex. Then the Hex-born Vision flies in and engages White Vision in battle. At first, it's full-on flying, phase-through-matter fisticuffs. In time, the battle becomes a philosophical one. Vision and White Vision settle their identity crises via the Ship of Theseus thought experiment, which should provide some fun, light reading during these locked-down times. Eventually, Vision convinces White Vision to see that they are both the Vision, equally valid in their claim to this identity.

As he's done previously in the series, Vision uses his powers to unlock the memories hidden away inside White Vision's programming. It works; White Vision remembers his entire life up to that point, including his multiple Infinity War deaths. He bursts off into the sky, not seen again in the finale, but very much still alive and out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where he shows up next? Anyone's guess, but at least, Paul Bettany's time in the MCU is clearly not over quite yet.

(Also, that Bettany on Bettany acting? Truly worth the hype.)

WandaVision: What happened to Agatha Harkness?

Was it Agatha, all along?

Kathryn Hahn's Agatha also survives WandaVision, depending on how you look at it.

Literally and physically, Agatha Harkness is still alive at the end of the series. She fights it out with Wanda for most of the episode, trying to steal the Scarlet Witch's powers for her own dark (albeit still somewhat nebulous) purposes. She loses that battle, thanks to inadvertently teaching Wanda how to prevent another witch from casting magic; in this way, Agatha meets the comic books' version of Agatha, who is sometimes Wanda's rival, but also sometimes her mentor. Big "why not both?" energy.

When the dust settles, Wanda disarms Agatha by reverting her back into Agnes, the nosy neighbor in all of her exaggerated winky glory. Agnes has no apparent memory of her life as Agatha, though a return to that old form is very much on the table. Wanda tells Agatha that if she ever needs her, "I know where to find you." Please, for the love of all things Feige, may these two meet again.

WandaVision: What happened to Tommy and Billy?

What about the twins?

The twins don't survive. Or do they?

In ending the Hex, Wanda ends Billy and Tommy as well. We do not see them fade out from existence, but it's very much implied. But their continued survival is also implied thanks to the very last scene of the episode, wherein Wanda hears her children's cries from ... where, exactly? Is this the Multiverse of Madness trigger? Have they been sent to another world? Is she simply hearing them from across the various points in time and space? Is this them bellowing within her own heart, beckoning Wanda to return to her Hex-fueled ways?

Whatever the future holds for Billy and Tommy, the good news is, there is a future. Both characters are prominent members of the Young Avengers, a superhero squad that's virtually assured to arrive in the MCU before long, thanks to several other casting announcements from Marvel. Perhaps Multiverse of Madness will get the erstwhile Wiccan and Speed back into reality for good this time.

WandaVision: What happened to Pietro?

Was Fietro "Fake Pietro," or "Fox Pietro"?

Well, so much for this theory: Evan Peters is not Pietro Maximoff.

The Fox X-Men era Quicksilver was brilliantly cast as a Pietro stand-in, both for Marvel's WandaVision as well as for Wanda's own "WandaVision." It fed into so many different kinds of questions. Was Pietro going to be our gateway into the multiverse? Is this our first official MCU mutant? Is he the exact same character from X-Men: Days of Future Past, or what?

Answer: "or what." You know how Agatha kept talking all season long about someone named Ralph? In our best transcends-the-text, sing-songy voice: "Ralph was Pietro, all along!" Yeah, Pietro was just some guy from Westview named Ralph — Ralph Boehner. Very funny for all parties involved, except those saddened by the lack of an X-Men reveal.

WandaVision: What happened to Monica Rambeau?

Did Monica save the day?

Monica is the one who discovers "Fietro's" true identity, but that's not her only role in the finale, not by a long shot. Indeed, she sustains more than a couple of literal shots, as she steps in front of bullets meant for Billy and Tommy.

Luckily, Monica's powers prevent the bullets from doing any meaningful damage. They sail through her like nothing, dropping to the floor. Monica is changed, alright, and her powers are doubtlessly going to make her an essential player for the MCU's future — whether alongside Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, or Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2, or somewhere else entirely.

WandaVision: What happened to Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo?

The dynamic duo strikes again!

Magic to the rescue! Jimmy Woo uses the powers of distraction to sneak underneath Director Hayward's radar and call in his federal friends. Meanwhile, Darcy doesn't stop Hayward with science; she stops Hayward with a vehicle, slamming her truck right into his and taking him out of the battle. Jimmy sticks around to supervise the Westview fall-out. Darcy? Not so much for the good Doctor Lewis, who has a hard stance against debriefings.

WandaVision: What happened to Tyler Hayward?

Did someone fire Tyler?

Darcy stops Hayward from stopping Wanda, immobilizing him for the final fight, leading to his arrest at the end of the episode. Simple as that; nothing more to Hayward other than the fact that he was terrible, and now, he's in handcuffs. As Darcy says: "Have fun in prison!"

WandaVision: What's next for Wanda?

Wanda looks toward the future.

Wanda Maximoff will return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We know this much. How will she return? Harder to say. We leave Wanda in a place of acceptance, more powerful than ever both in terms of her abilities as well as her ownership over her life. But the very last scene — the post-credits tease — is a nightmare, if not a capital Nightmare, for a bunch of reasons.

What's Wanda going to do next? Is she going to seek out Stephen Strange for his help in finding Billy and Tommy? Will the two find themselves at odds over what to do next? Fingers crossed for a team-up, but the deck is also set for a showdown between the Sorcerer Supreme and the newly minted Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision: What's next for the MCU?

Passing the shield.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is very much a future problem, and one we won't see play out until March 25, 2022. But we don't have to wait nearly that long for the next page in the Marvel playbook.

Following WandaVision, Disney+ will premiere a behind-the-scenes WandaVision episode on March 12. A week after that, the next MCU television series launches: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which chronicles Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' lives after Steve Rogers, in the wake of Captain America's legacy. Are Sam and Bucky worthy of Cap's shield? Almost certainly yes, but is Falcon and the Winter Soldier worthy of the hype levels it's inheriting from WandaVision, now at a close? Your own fandom gauge may vary — but you know we're going to be here every step of the way. "Whatever it takes," and all that.


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