The Boys Season 3 will change one superhero forever, actor reveals

Will Black Noir ever be the same?

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The Boys Season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger — well, several, actually — but perhaps the most interesting is what happened Black Noir. The character, played from behind a mask steely silence by Nathan Mitchell, hasn't shown very much emotion so far, but it looks like that could change once The Boys Season 3 release date arrives.

Warning! Spoilers below for The Boys Season 2 — and maybe Season 3.

In case you need a quick reminder, here's what happened to Black Noir in The Boys Season 2. Throughout the show so far, the character was pretty much portrayed as invincible (not unlike Homelander), but it turns out he has a weakness. Black Noir is allergic to nuts, and Queen Maeve uses this to her advantage when the two Supes fight in the season finale, forcing him to eat an Almond Joy that knocks him out and almost kills him.

If you're worried about Black Noir, don't be. According to Mitchell, he survived. But in an interview with ComicBook, the actor reveals how this event could change the character in The Boys Season 3 and beyond.

"Noir comes pretty close to death," Mitchell says. "He's essentially incapacitated. He's not dead and hopefully, he will come back before most think he will. But it definitely isn't something to be taken lightly."

Requisite superhero pose.


The Boys Season 3 is still being written, so nothing is certain just yet, but it seems impossible that Black Noir could emerge unchanged after almost dying. Mitchell seems to be suggesting that while his friends (and enemies) may assume he'll be stuck in the hospital recovering for a while, he could surprise The Boys and The Seven by returning to action far sooner.

More importantly, we have to wonder if Black Noir's near-death-experience will change him in any other way. The story of The Boys so far has been largely about various Supes seeing the error of their ways and turning against Vought and The Seven. Queen Maeve and Starlight are both basically working against the Supes at this point, and A-Train helped bring down Stormfront — even if he only did it to get back into the Seven. Will Black Noir be the next domino to fall?

His character has always been portrayed as one of Homelander's most reliable allies, so we'd be pretty surprised if Black Noir did a quick 180. Still, it's possible he'll begin to question somethings about his world in The Boys Season 3.

Don't forget, in the comics, Black Noir is actually a secret clone of Homelander who takes part in a plot to blackmail the leader of The Seven. It's starting to look like Amazon's adaptation won't follow that particular storyline, but we wouldn't be surprised if a showdown between Black Noir and Homelander still happens at some point in The Boys Season 3 or beyond.

The Boys Season 3 is currently in development with no set release date.

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