Star Wars Could Reunite the Team Behind Marvel's Biggest Movie Ever

Are the Russo Brothers coming to the galaxy far away?

Lucasfilm has announced so many new Star Wars movies in the past few years that it’s hard to keep track. Remember Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron? (It’s been shelved by the studio). What about Taika Waititi’s mystery movie? (Apparently, it’s moving forward.) Meanwhile, Lucasfilm announced three more Star Wars movies last month — which may or may not ever see the light of day. But in the meantime, a new interview has us revisiting one of the peskiest rumored projects in that galaxy far away.

Kevin Feige’s alleged Star Wars movie has been a topic of discussion ever since The Hollywood Reporter revealed back in 2019 that the Marvel Studios boss was in talks with Lucasfilm about a possible collaboration. Since then, various names have been attached to the project, including MCU scribe Michael Waldron and Eternals director Chloé Zhao. Now, it looks like Feige might wind up partnering with another MCU alumni. Or rather, two of them.

The Russo Brothers and Star Wars?

Anthony Russo, Kevin Feige and Joe Russo.

Variety/Penske Media/Getty Images

In an interview for the popular Smartless podcast, Joe Russo (joined by his brother Anthony) reveals that he had “early conversations” with Feige about a Star Wars project. Here’s the quote in question (via Bespin Bulletin):

“We love Star Wars. There were early conversations, there were some early conversations with us. Kevin Feige is a huge Star Wars fan, and there were some early conversations about maybe teaming up with Kevin to do ‘Star Wars.”

In case you weren’t counting, Russo literally says the words “early conversations” three times, which seems like a pretty clear indicator that the discussion hasn’t progressed much further. To be fair, both Feige and the Russo Brothers are pretty busy at the moment. Feige has an entire cinematic universe to tend to, while the Russos are busy launching their pricy new Amazon show Citadel (although any plans for sequels and spinoffs may be on hold based on early reviews). That said, a Star Wars movie created by Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers is still a tempting prospect.

An Avengers: Endgame reunion?

The Russo Brothers with the cast of Avengers: Endgame.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before they set out on their own, The Russo Brothers were the most bankable directors in Marvel’s roster. After starting with the classic MCU movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they moved on to bigger things with another Captain America sequel that was basically an Avengers flick in disguise. Then, they stepped up to the actual Avengers with a two-part epic culminating in Endgame, Marvel’s highest-grossing film ever made.

Avengers: Endgame is also impressive for simply telling a fun and engaging story while managing to juggle countless plotlines and characters. Despite basically acting as the conclusion for a decade of movies, Endgame somehow stands on its own as a decent movie, too. (Though it certainly helps to have watched all the films that came before it.)

Whether that makes the Russos capable of steering a Star Wars flick is up for debate, but it’s intriguing the think that they might get a chance with some help from their old producer Kevin Feige, even if it’s still just “early conversations.”

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