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Loki Season 2 may adapt one of Marvel's wildest comics ever, leak claims

Will What If... set up Loki season 2?

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If you think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting weird, we’ve got a few comics to show you. The bizarre stories of WandaVision and the upcoming Loki might play with our perceptions of the MCU, but they could just be the setup for Marvel to adapt one of its wildest comic book stories for live-action in Loki Season 2.

The first season of the long-awaited Disney+ series — which follows Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief through all kinds of time-traveling, multiverse-hopping misadventures — premieres on June 9, and superhero fans are understandably excited to see what the studio has up its sleeve.

However, one new (and admittedly sketchy) rumor suggests that it’s the still-unconfirmed second season of Loki that will take the MCU in its most unexpected direction yet: into the zombie-verse.

The Rumor — Before diving in, let’s note the rumor we’re about to discuss originated on 4chan, and its claims should consequently be taken with a massive grain of salt. That’s about as speculative and unsubstantiated as it gets, so this report is best served with a thick layer of skepticism. That said, we can’t resist a good Marvel Zombies rumor, so let’s dive in.

The 4chan post claims Loki’s Season 2 arc will tie directly into next year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and see the multiverse starting to “crumble.” As a result, Loki will be forced to protect an alternate version of Earth from none other than — get ready for this — zombies. If true, this would mean that the already confirmed Marvel Zombies episode of Marvel’s What If could set the stage for Loki’s second act.

Amid claiming that Loki season 2 — which Marvel has not yet officially announced — has already been written, the post also states that the season’s writers are “pushing for the original Avengers cast” to play zombified versions of their characters. The season will also, apparently, find Loki regaining control of the scepter he wielded in 2012’s The Avengers...

Remember what we said about that grain of salt?

Loki Season 2: Loki vs. Zombies?


Marvel Comics

The Marvel Zombies comic series began back in 2005 with a five-issue limited run written by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, spun off from a previous Ultimate Fantastic Four arc. Since then, multiple Marvel Zombies stories have unfolded over the years, taking place on an alternate Earth where Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains have turned into flesh-eating creatures of the undead.

Given the spirit of playfulness seemingly at the heart of Loki, it’d be well within the series’ tone and scope to tackle something as zany as a Marvel Zombies storyline. Plus, it’s hard to imagine any MCU character who’d more enjoy taking down zombified versions of the Avengers than Loki. The Disney+ show’s alternate universe setting does open it up to tackle the weirder comic book storylines that would be difficult to pull off within the MCU’s prime reality.

Tom Hiddleston in Loki.

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — We’ve seen reports that Loki is getting more than one season, and Marvel executives have even hinted that the series is coming back for another round, but the studio has not yet announced Season 2. It also seems unlikely that writing for a second season has already been completed, and that this report is from 4chan makes that claim even more suspect.

But if Marvel does indeed announce that it is moving full steam ahead with more Loki, it could take few directions more fun or unexpected than pitting the MCU’s God of Mischief against literal zombies.

Loki Season 1 premieres June 9 on Disney+.

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