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Loki just spoiled a huge character reveal in the Episode 2 credits

Marvel fans know to wait until the very end.

Loki, true to its name, is a festival of mischief and chaos, and that isn’t just limited to the narrative. The fandom is currently reeling from the reveal that the variant Loki and Mobius are chasing isn’t just another Loki, it’s a [SPOILERS]. At least, that’s what it seems. But an eagle-eyed viewer caught a mid-credits leak that could change everything we know about this new character and Loki himself.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Loki Episode 2 and beyond.

Twitter user @lotrkenobi noticed something strange in the end credits of Loki Episode 2. No, not the stylized credits showing the TVA office. Not even the many, many credits for different VFX studios involved. This leak came from the credits for the international dubbing, particularly the voiceover in the Spanish dialect of Castilian.

While other credits like the original dialogue and Italian dubbing credit Sophia di Martino’s role as “The Variant,” the Castilian credits list this second-billed role as “Sylvie.” (Inverse independently confirmed this leak, which only appears in the Castilian credits and not in any other language version of Loki Episode 2.)

For any fan of the Young Avengers, this means one thing — Enchantress.

Loki and the Enchantress

Sylvie Lushton (aka, Enchantress) was just a normal girl until she woke up one day with magical powers. So Sylvie became an Asgardian wannabe, speaking in a fake Ye Olde Asgard manner and modeling herself after Amora, the actual Enchantress (not to be confused with the Enchantress from Suicide Squad, who’s from a whole different franchise and mythology.)

Enchantress/Sylvie joined the Young Avengers, but always had a more selfish approach to her powers, using them to mentally manipulate her new teammates into getting her way. This makes sense, as it’s revealed the “mysterious Asgardian powers” she woke up with were a gift from none other than Lady Loki, who realized the ultimate mischief-maker is a teenage girl with newfound superpowers.

Lady Loki reveals Sylvie’s true origins in Young Avengers: Dark Reign #4.

Marvel Comics

The Loki Enchantress theory has been around for a couple of months and can be traced back to a (usually very sketchy) 4chan leak from March. But it’s easy to see why this conclusion would be drawn. After all, this Variant’s long blond bob isn’t very evocative of the dark-haired Loki or even the Lady Loki we’ve seen in the comics. It echoes Sylvie’s fake-Asgardian-next-door look much more.

The dubbing credits aren’t at all consistent, either. While Sophia di Martino’s role is credited second as “Sylvie” in the Castilian credits, it’s not credited at all in the Quebecoise and French credits. Instead, Mobius takes second billing. Clearly, there’s no standardization as to how these credits are meant to look, meaning the Castilian studio could have slipped up and placed a future credit an episode or two early.

Still, Sylvie’s Enchantress is a creation of Lady Loki. So even if she isn’t the Lady Loki we hoped, there may still be one waiting in the wings of the multiverse. She just may have sent her henchwoman to do the dirty work first.

Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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