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Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy looks like Avengers: Endgame meets This Is Us in new trailer

Get your first look at Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy, Mark Millar's generational superhero drama starring Josh Duhamel.

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Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes aren’t the only superheroes concerned with legacy. Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be a tiny dot on the horizon by the time Netflix flies back into the superhero space with a brand new journey of its own: Jupiter’s Legacy, based on Kick-Ass comic creator Mark Millar’s comic books of the same name.

The first show of Millar’s sprawling Netflix deal, Jupiter’s Legacy lands on May 7, and ahead of that date, the first full trailer has dropped — and it’s ... shockingly emotional? In addition to its focus on an epic superhero saga that would make Thanos blush, the Jupiter’s Legacy trailer very much lives up to the second word in its title — legacy — and promises to offer a theme almost anyone can relate to.

Finally, at long last, 2021 is giving us what we never had but so desperately needed: something to cry about. Read on to dig deeper into the brand new trailer for Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy.

Jupiter’s Legacy trailer reveals a mix of punching a drama

Based on the comics from Millar and Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy stars Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson (alias, The Utopian), one of this world’s first superheroes.

The show follows Sheldon’s journey across time, from young new hero to old seasoned veteran, and all the years in between — all while his kids wait to inherit their father’s heroic legacy, and all the baggage it entails. The trailer features a time-spanning scope with world-ending stakes, not unlike the climactic final battle of Avengers: Endgame, albeit without the years and years of crossover events building up to it.

But Marvel is far from the only touchpoint here. Given its pedigree as a Mark Millar comic, it should come as no surprise that hyper-violence is part of the Jupiter’s Legacy equation. After all, this is the man whose stories led to the bullet-bending ways of Wanted, and the foul-mouthed killing style of Kick-Ass heroine Hit-Girl, among other similar acts of fictional violence. The Jupiter’s Legacy trailer isn’t red-band, but you can imagine some blood spilling out in the final cut given just how many devastating punches are thrown here.

More surprising than the violence, then, are the notes of melodrama. Based on the trailer alone, Jupiter’s Legacy is steeped in so much internal family drama that it feels like it belongs alongside an NBC Thursday lineup. This Is Super Us doesn’t quite strike the same enigmatic tone of Jupiter’s Legacy, but it’s not far-off, either.

Kick-Ass meets This is Us in Jupiter’s Legacy.


The actual This Is Us deals with generational storylines, how our past continues playing out in the present and the future. Jupiter’s Legacy seems much the same, except instead of This Is Us’ big-picture question of “How did Jack die,” it’s dealing with something a bit more trope-y in the superhero space: “How did these heroes get their powers?”

Whatever the answer to the power-fueled origin, Jupiter’s Legacy looks likely to spend as much time on the future as the past. The trailer makes it plainly clear: Sheldon Sampson’s kids Brandon and Chloe are going to have to live up to their father’s name, sooner than either of them would like.

Can they do it, or will they die trying? We’re likely to cry as they’re trying, based purely on the trailer. Some free advice, then: when Jupiter’s Legacy drops, keep the tissues handy, right next to the popcorn.

Jupiter’s Legacy streams May 7 on Netflix.

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