'Jupiter's Legacy' Netflix Cast: These Are the Characters You Need to Know

We break down the principal characters of 'Jupiter's Legacy,' Netflix's newest superhero epic.

The Union is coming to Netflix. Mark Millar and Frank Quietly’s superhero epic Jupiter’s Legacy, published by Image Comics from 2013 to 2015, is being adapted into a new live-action serial drama. A principal cast has been announced, and while we haven’t seen them in full costume yet, the original comics may reveal what we can expect for each character.

Jupiter’s Legacy is just one part of Netflix’s acquisition of the Millarworld original library of stories, which will see a handful of adaptations into Netflix original movies and TV show. Meanwhile, Netflix has also entered the world of comic book publishing, with Millar’s supernatural crime series The Magic Order, also set to become a Netflix original (watch the trailer above).

In Jupiter’s Legacy, co-created and illustrated by Frank Quietly (New X-Men, All-Star Superman), the children of the world’s greatest superheroes reckon with their powers and status symbols against a vastly different America than the ones their parents defended. The series was Millar’s thesis on the American Dream as viewed by an outsider. (Millar was born, raised, and currently resides, in Scotland.)

While we wait for more official news on the Netflix-Millar universe, let’s break down the main characters of Jupiter’s Legacy and how they compare to their original comic book counterparts below.

Netflix, Image Comics

Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel)

Sheldon Sampson is the Utopian, the fabled leader of the Union and patriarch of the Sampson family who struggles to find his place in a changing world. Josh Duhamel (the Transformers film series) stars as Sheldon Sampson.

Netflix, Image Comics

Walter Sampson (Ben Daniels)

Sheldon’s older brother and the superhero known as Brain-Wave. A supreme intellect with a violent streak. Ben Daniels (The Exorcist plays Walter.

Netflix, Image Comics

Grace Sampson (Leslie Bibb)

The matriarch of the Sampsons and also the hero known as Lady Liberty. Often clashes with her husband, who tries to ground his lofty ideals in reality. Leslie Bibb (Tag) stars as Grace.

Netflix, Image Comics

Chloe Sampson (Elena Kampouris)

The troubled daughter of the Sampsons, Chloe and her brother Brandon grew up having to hide their identities. They grew up with inferiority complexes that manifested into adulthood, and Chloe desperately attempted to win her parents’ affections through tireless charity work. She also developed an addiction to narcotic drugs.

In the series, Chloe rejects “everything her parents stand for” and forges “her own hedonistic path far away from them.” Elena Kampouris (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) stars as Chloe.

Netflix, Image Comics

Brandon Sampson (Andrew Horton)

The reckless son of the Sampsons who treats his life like a party. In the series, Brandon is “training” to assume his father’s mantle of the Utopian and lead the Union but “struggles to live up to his father’s mythic legend.”

Andrew Horton (How to Talk to Girls at Parties) plays Brandon.

Netflix, Image Comics

Fitz Small (Mike Wade)

Fitz Small, known as the Flare who is capable of projecting yellow energy blasts, is one of the founding members of the Union alongside the Utopian. Much like the comic, the series will see Fitz deal with crippling, career-ending injuries. He is described in the series as being “the heart and soul” of the Union and “the only thing holding them together” in a difficult world. Mike Wade (Timeless) stars as Fitz.

Netflix, Image Comics

George Hutchence (Matt Lanter)

George Hutchence, also known as Skyfox, was one of Sheldon Sampson’s best friends in the Union. Considered the “sex symbol” of the team, George/Skyfox later turns evil and becomes a prominent supervillain. In the series, he will plot his revenge those “he believes betrayed him.” Matt Lanter (Timeless) stars as George/Skyfox.

There is no release date yet for Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix. The comic is available now on Amazon.

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