'Magic Order': Netflix's First Comic Book Gets a Wild Animated Trailer

All that superhero TV Netflix has produced has made it gaga for comics. The streaming giant has just released the trailer for The Magic Order, a six-issue comic and the first original franchise between Netflix and Millarworld. Written by Millarworld founder Mark Millar and artist Oliver Coipel, the first issue will be released on June 13. Though it lacks voice over, the trailer makes a pretty convincing pitch for an animated or even live-action The Magic Order series.

On Wednesday, Netflix released the trailer for The Magic Order, a modern fantasy about five sorcerer families who must unite to stop a common enemy. The trailer contains animated visuals of Coipel’s illustrations from the first issue. While The Magic Order is, thus far, only a comic book, Coipel’s art lends itself well as concepts for a live-action or gritty cartoon series.

From the trailer for 'The Magic Order,' the first comic book series from Netflix and Millarworld.


The Magic Order is the first original collaboration between Netflix and Millarworld, Millar’s imprint of creator-owned works including Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and more. In 2017, Millar sold Millarworld to Netflix, one of the first acquisitions ever made by Netflix.

Along with his creator-owned works that have also become hit films, Millar has written comics for Marvel, such as 2006’s Civil War and 2008’s Old Man Logan. Both comics have been the primary inspiration for Marvel movies, namely 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and 2017’s Logan. Interestingly, Millar admitted in a blog post that he was not a fan of the film Civil War.

The Magic Order #1 will be released on June 13 in comic book stores.

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