Deadpool 3 Just Accidentally Revealed Its Huge Time-Travel Twist

Deadpool is coming for the MCU — all of it.

Marvel Studios

Calling Deadpool a “disruptor” is an understatement. During 2016’s big wave of superhero movie fever, Wade Wilson swung into the greater Marvel universe like a wrecking ball. With Ryan Reynolds’ impassioned performance and a very warranted R rating, the franchise quickly became a fan favorite, even if it wasn’t officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, Deadpool 3 is finally crashing into MCU canon, and a synopsis posted on an international Marvel site proves Deadpool’s first MCU movie will mean more than just a new superhero on the roster. Instead, Wade Wilson could change the very fabric of space and time as we know it.

Deadpool 3 reunites Deadpool and Wolverine for an adventure throughout the MCU... and maybe time.

Marvel Studios

As first pointed out by Redditor Major-Concentrate-87, Marvel Japan’s official website gave Deadpool 3 a logline that roughly translates to “The irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?” The website has since deleted the description, which only makes its contents seem more suspicious.

If this logline (and the translation) is accurate, it suggests time travel is a far greater part of this movie than we first thought. Rumors have been circulating that Deadpool 3 will follow Deadpool and Wolverine as they travel through time and run afoul of Loki’s Time Variance Authority. This would be a convenient approach, as it would mean Wolverine’s story wouldn’t clash with the rather conclusive end he met in Logan. It would also allow Deadpool to alter the timeline in a way that gets Marvel’s meandering multiverse saga back on track.

Time travel would put Deadpool and Wolverine in the crosshairs of the Time Variance Authority.

Marvel Studios

Time travel has been done twice over in the MCU, first with the “Time Heist” in Avengers: Endgame, and then with Loki’s introduction of the TVA, which worked to keep the timeline safe from alternate realities that branched from the Sacred Timeline. Loki Season 2 then introduced the Temporal Tree, which allowed multiverses to co-exist at the cost of Loki’s life. The TVA is more tolerant of alternate realities now, so the two X-Men will have to get into some pretty big trouble to attract their attention.

Hugh Jackman has already hinted that time travel will be a part of Deadpool 3, but now we know this won’t just be a Deadpool movie that features time travel; it will be a Deadpool movie about time travel. This movie could do more than just integrate Fox’s Marvel universe into the MCU — it could quite literally rewrite Marvel history.

Deadpool 3 premieres in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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