Marvel’s Most Exciting Movie Gets a Promising Update

Deadpool 3 might be heading our way sooner than we thought.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
20th Century Studios

The writers’ and actors’ strikes sent the film industry into a necessary limbo that caused production delays. As the writers’ guild returns to work after making a deal with studios and streamers, some of the industry’s most anticipated projects are gearing up to resume production. The actors’ guild is still engaged in its own negotiations, and hopes to reach a tentative deal within the week. That’s an excellent development for the unions, but studios will have to hit the ground running to finish upcoming projects on time.

According to TheWrap, Hollywood is headed for a production frenzy once both actors and writers are back at work. Most studios will have to choose which projects to prioritize in the impending “traffic jam,” and for Disney, one of those priorities is Deadpool 3. The highly-anticipated sequel, and the first tangible product of the Disney-Fox merger, is at the top of the studio’s list. Deadpool 3 has jumped back and forth on the release schedule since it was first announced, and with the dual strikes delaying the film, analysts assumed Disney would have to reconsider its Summer 2024 release window. With production set to restart, however, Deadpool might actually be right on track.

Deadpool and Wolverine might be on schedule after all.

Marvel Studios

Deadpool 3 was originally slated for a May 3, 2024 release. According to director Shawn Levy, production was “exactly halfway through filming” before the strikes, which sounds promising, but doesn’t factor in all the visual effects and post-production work ahead. Depending on how quickly the actors’ guild can secure a fair deal, Deadpool 3 will have less than a year to finish principal photography and complete the film. It’s about to be crunch time for Disney, but the studio seems confident that its early May deadline can be met.

TheWrap reports that Deadpool 3 will hold onto its May release window for now. Marvel has always had great success releasing films in the summer, and no studio wants a gaping hole in its 2024 schedule. With the industry already flailing, keeping things steady is a huge priority for the studios. That means Deadpool’s debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is right on schedule, at least for now. Hopefully it can breathe some new life into the franchise’s Multiverse Saga, and deliver the reset everyone needs.

Deadpool 3 hits theaters May 3, 2024.

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