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Deadpool 3 could bring back a Marvel Phase 4 fan-favorite, Ryan Reynolds hints

A single tweet suggests a multiverse-centric plot in Deadpool 3.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day. And, on rarer occasions, a clock can tell you that Deadpool 3 might have a fun and unexpected supporting character.

While Ryan Reynolds can be a social media troll, he’s all business when it comes to Deadpool. A new tweet from the star hints at how Deadpool ends up in the ever-expanding MCU.

On November 28, an unverified account that personifies Miss Minutes, @MissMinutesTVA, tweeted at the verified Deadpool account.

“Hey there @Deadpool,” it said, “Love, Miss Minutes.” Ryan Reynolds responded, “Hello, Miss Minutes.”

Ryan Reynolds could just be goofing off, but this could also be an effort to get outlets to generate buzz for Deadpool 3. The Miss Minutes account isn’t verified, but it is followed by several key figures from Marvel’s Loki. That includes series writer Michael Waldron, writer-director Kate Hernon, and stars Sophia Di Martino and Tara Strong, who voices Miss Minutes. Even if @MissMinutesTVA is a fan account, that’s an impressive roster.

Is Miss Minutes and the TVA how Deadpool finally joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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The actual contents of @MissMinutesTVA’s tweets also have just enough personality to come off like a goofy friend, which is the default for branded Twitter accounts these days. There’s nothing offensive or contentious, and it never breaks character. Scroll through its 1,200-plus tweets and you’ll find retweets of Loungefly giveaways and trailers from Marvel’s official Twitter.

So @MissMinutesTVA isn’t verified, but it is acting like a corporate account. It makes sense that it would be how Ryan Reynolds — who happens to have his own digital marketing firm — tries to seed some buzz for Deadpool 3.

But what does this all mean for Deadpool 3? The “conversation” between Ryan Reynolds and Miss Minutes of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) may actually tell us how Deadpool ends up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool still inhabits the parallel X-Men universe, which remains separate from the MCU proper. The “Multiverse Saga,” however, is slowly removing the ownership barriers that have kept Marvel’s many comic book franchises separate. A notable component of that effort is the TVA, which was introduced in Loki as a bureaucratic organization that oversees the integrity of the multiverse.

Its mascot, Miss Minutes, is a cartoon clock with a Tennessee twang. There are stray hints in Loki that Miss Minutes is more powerful and sinister than she appears, though the true extent of her nature remains unknown.

Ryan Reynolds at a Deadpool 2 promotional event in Madrid.

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While the plot of Deadpool 3 is still under wraps, Deadpool chatting with Miss Minutes suggests a multiverse-centric story. It could be a movie where Deadpool is apprehended — or hunted — by the TVA for violating multiverse rules.

The last we heard from Reynolds, in January 2021, he tweeted that Deadpool 3 was intended to be a road trip action-comedy with his Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. But, after several drafts and Marvel Studios figurehead Kevin Feige coming on as producer, it’s unlikely that will still be the plot.

Ryan Reynolds built his Hollywood career playing easygoing, self-effacing leads, and his offscreen persona has been equally manicured to suit that tone. He’s a pro at using social media without interacting much or accidentally saying the wrong thing. Everything he does is intentional, and interacting with Miss Minutes — even on an account that doesn’t seem official — probably has purpose.

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