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Joel McHale reveals what's next for Jeff in the Community movie

In an interview with Inverse, McHale dives into his new horror film Becky, Community, and Stargirl Season 2.

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If it seems like Joel McHale is doing the most right now, that's because the former Community star and host of The Soup has his hands in just about everything — from producing Netflix's wildly popular documentary series Tiger King earlier this year (which, let's be real, feels like a decade ago) to acting in The CW's latest superhero coming-of-age drama, Stargirl, and hosting a weekly quarantine podcast, The Darkest Timeline, with fellow Community actor Ken Jeong.

McHale joins Inverse Happy Hour to talk about his latest project, Becky, a horror thriller in which he plays a widower father on a weekend lake house trip with his daughter that goes sideways when a gang of neo-Nazis led by Kevin James shows up.

“You feel like a basketball team that’s gonna score,” he tells Inverse Happy Hour host Jake Kleinman on working with the legendary group of actors on Becky, with also includes Lulu Wilson (The Haunting of Hill House) and Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid's Tale).

Below are the Inverse Happy Hour highlights, so pour a cup of joe into your favorite tiny mug (more on that later) and check out the video above for the full interview and live reading.

0:50 Hair talk. (Yup, you read that right.)

1:25 What it was like working with Kevin James and Handmaid Tale’s stellar actress Amanda Brugel on Becky.

3:30 What’s next for the Community movie and whether he believes Jeff will still be at Greendale.

(Hint: It involves Patashnik, played by Keith David, and 500 million dollars.)

“[Show creator Dan Harmon] has such a big amazing brain that whatever it is, it’s gonna be good,” he remarks on a future movie in development.

5:35 How Greendale would have handled coronavirus.

“We’d find a way to screw it up,” he said.

6:43 His HUGE role in The CW's Stargirl and what it was like to play a superhero for the first time.

8:00 His thoughts on why Stargirl is striking such a chord with audiences right now.

The CW

10:45 Whether we’ll see his character again on Stargirl Season 2.

11:25 His tiny mug.

11:50 The best rapper of the Community group and some pretty amazing outtakes of Alison Brie he cannot recommend enough. (Editor’s note: You can find them in the DVD outtakes.)

“I gave [Donald Glover] all those rhymes and beats, and I’m pissed,” he joked.

14:10 Nic Cage playing Joe Exotic and why Netflix’s Tiger King is still so popular.

16:00 His Netflix recommendations for sci-fi fans.

17:40 A live reading of Beowulf — in Old English.

(Editors note: It is A TREAT.)

24:15 His hate-love relationship with Ken Jeong on their YouTube quarantine show, The Darkest Timeline.

A huge thanks to McHale for joining us!

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