Chelsea Szmania

Chelsea is a Brooklyn-based editorial operations coordinator for the Culture & Innovation brands, working behind the scenes on a wide range of topics, from climate change and reusability to mental health to the latest and greatest in gaming. When she isn't working on the back end, she is writing about her latest sci-fi TV obsession for Inverse. Prior to working in media, Chelsea studied literature at Suffolk University, earning her B.A. in English. Afterwards, she attended New York University's Summer Publishing Institute, an immersive graduate program, where she received a certificate in book, magazine, and digital media publishing. Chelsea also holds a career advancement badge in copy editing from NYU's School of Professional Studies. When not defending the Oxford comma, Chelsea is eating pasta, playing with puppies, and mastering Broadway for the broke.

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13 Reasons Why Season 3 release date, plot, trailer, and renewal

There’s a lot to unpack. Here’s what we know about Season 3 of the polarizing teen drama.

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Thanos creator Jim Starlin reveals the Avengers story you didn't see

In an interview with Inverse, Starlin explains why he was convinced Infinity War would end up like Justice League and reveals the Thanos story that got cut.

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Steven Ogg talks Snowpiercer Season 2, GTA 6, and more

Ogg joins Inverse Social Hour to answer our questions and drink a few beers.

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Reggie Watts reveals the “very weird” story of voicing Lando in Star Wars 9

Watts joins Inverse Social Hour to discuss everything from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Cyberpunk 2077.

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Star Wars writer Michael Moreci reveals an untold Clone Wars origin story

In an interview with Inverse, Moreci dives into his canceled plans for the Clone Wars era and one particular Order 66 defector.

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Star Wars author Delilah Dawson has a Snoke theory that Rick and Morty fans will love

In an interview with Inverse, Star Wars book writer Delilah Dawson talks Snoke, synesthesia, and why Captain Phasma's story might not be over yet...

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Joel McHale reveals what's next for Jeff in the Community movie

In an interview with Inverse, McHale dives into his new horror film Becky, Community, and Stargirl Season 2.

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How Disney can fix Star Wars, according to comics creator Johnnie Christmas

In an interview with Inverse, Christmas talks about his comic book series Tartarus, Star Wars, and more.

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The Magicians author Lev Grossman reveals a Star Wars secret he learned from Adam Driver

Grossman dives into his interview with Adam Driver pre-Rise of Skywalker, his new children's book, and The Magicians.

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Impractical Jokers star: Elon Musk needs to stop pranking himself on Twitter

In an interview with Inverse, “Murr” reveals exactly how he would prank the Tesla CEO.

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Duncan Trussell talks Midnight Gospel Season 2 and the Pentagon's UFO video

In an interview with Inverse, Trussell shares a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the trippy Netflix series.

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Joe Hill reveals new details about Throttle, his next horror movie with Stephen King

Hill joins Inverse Happy Hour to do a special reading from his short story collection, Full Throttle, coming to screens soon.

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Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has a lot of thoughts on Marvel Phase 4

In an interview with Inverse, Liefeld shares who he would have play Wolverine next.

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Horror writer Alma Katsu reveals the untold stories aboard the Titanic

Katsu joins Inverse Happy Hour to do a special reading from her new novel, The Deep.

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Annihilation author Jeff VanderMeer explains how it influenced Devs

In an interview with Inverse, the author talks about working with director Alex Garland on Annihilation, his next epic fantasy series, and Dead Astronauts.

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How Laura Lam created Handmaid's Tale in space for her new book, Goldilocks

Lam joins Inverse Happy Hour to read an exclusive preview of her new sci-fi thriller.

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Carole Stivers reads an exclusive preview of The Mother Code

In an interview with Inverse, Stivers reveals what genetic modification would help us survive as a human race.

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Gary Shteyngart: 'Super Sad True Love Story' TV series is coming to HBO Max

In an interview with Inverse, Shteyngart shares what it was like to predict the future 10 years ago when he released his semi-dystopian novel, 'Super Sad True Love Story'.

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Sci-fi author Mike Carey explains why the apocalypse can be inspiring

Carey joins Inverse Happy Hour to read an excerpt from his new novel, The Book of Koli.

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Sci-fi author John Scalzi on SpaceX and Elon Musk: “Space travel is elitist”

Scalzi joins Inverse Happy Hour for a special reading from the final book of the Interdependency trilogy.