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Steven Ogg talks Snowpiercer Season 2, GTA 6, and more

Ogg joins Inverse Social Hour to answer our questions and drink a few beers.

Steven Ogg as Pike in TNT's 'Snowpiercer'.
Justina Mintz / TNT / Warner Media

Gamers know Steven Ogg for his unforgettable voice acting as Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V, but if video games aren't your thing, you likely recognize the Canadian actor from The Walking Dead, or maybe for playing Pike in the new TNT series Snowpiercer that aired earlier this summer — an adaptation of Bong Joon Ho's 2013 film of the same name.

As a guest on Inverse Social Hour, Ogg shared what it was like working with the Snowpiercer cast — “we're all in an amazing group text” — and what he knows about Season 2, Grand Theft Auto VI, and more.

“I’m super excited about people seeing it because I think it just gets bigger and better — and it gets more fun,” he tells Inverse about Snowpiercer Season 2.

Below are the Inverse Social Hour highlights, but be sure to crack open a beer and check out the video above for the full interview.

0:35 His favorite moment from Snowpiercer Season 1.

1:10 That strange Snowpiercer theory that might just be true — “that’s exactly what Snowpiercer is” — and the one role he’d love to play.

2:45 Why the outfit he wore to the first Snowpiercer table read almost certainly sealed the deal.

3:48 What it was like to see Annalise Basso on set for the first time. (Captain Fantastic, anyone?)

4:18 Everything to know about Snowpiercer Season 2.

“Pike is gonna be doing his best to say out of those drawers,” he reveals to Inverse Social Hour host Jake Kleinman.

6:15 The TV show — including the band that would do the theme song for it — that Ogg would love to bring back.

7:04 A famous role from a classic musical movie he wishes he could have played.

“It’s a weird time, but you gotta keep creating. Without that, there’s no hope.”

7:35 Why Ogg thinks author Jeffrey Eugenides wrote the greatest character introduction in Middlesex. (Go on, check it out for yourself.)

8:40 Ogg is starting a band?

11:12 A brief interlude to discuss paintings and tattoos.

11:47 Why he doesn’t like virtual reality after playing it in Grand Theft Auto V.

13:35 Time for another beer.

13:48 The handful of books he thinks everyone should read.

14:35 Ogg's strongly advised message for the rest of the country.

“It’s such a simple thing that one can do,” he said.

16:18 Why 2020 feels like a series of “good day, bad day, wash and repeat” — which, relatable.

“It’s a weird time, but you gotta keep creating,” he said. “Without that, there’s no hope.”

A huge thanks to Ogg for joining us!

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