Inspiring art turns epic Avengers: Endgame scene into coronavirus tribute

This is the endgame now. BossLogic recreates the final battle with a 2020 twist.


It was a short year ago when the world packed into movie theaters to witness the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. Now, we're all indoors because of an insurmountable pandemic. In tribute to the real heroes on the frontlines of the battle, popular fan artist BossLogic just remixed the Avengers' last stand with a 2020 update.

On Thursday, online artist BossLogic shared on Instagram and Twitter a remixed illustration of the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. Gone are the Avengers' superhero spandex and Thanos' galactic armor, in are the coats, scrubs, and face masks of doctors and nurses. Thanos is also replaced by a blown-up image of the novel coronavirus. Captain America's iconic "A" on his helmet is also gone, replaced by the medical red cross.

"ASSEMBLE!" said BossLogic in his Instagram caption. "🏥 ❤️ Thank you, for then, for now and for everything that has yet to come." In a second post revealing the coronavirus as Thanos, BossLogic said, "Full scene of my Frontline Avengers previous post ❤️#nohandshakes #WashYourHands"

The response to BossLogic's work has been enthusiastic. DC film actor Zachary Levi, who starred in 2019's Shazam!, commented, "So good. 😏"

Comedian and TV producer Seth Green also responded, saying, "Wow this is so cool."

In a feature profile with Inverse last year, BossLogic said any piece of his work can take anywhere between two to 30 hours. He also suggested that artists should have personality in their work and on social media.

"I see a lot of artists on Instagram that are just like robots, he said. "They’re ghosts. There’s no interaction. I see my fans enjoy my page because they can interact and have fun. I’m nice to them all the time, and they get to see either art, news, or funny memes."

You can see BossLogic's work below.

During the pandemic, health care workers, EMTs, as well as grocery store clerks truck drivers, and many more have been forced to expose themselves to the contagion while quarantine orders are in effect throughout the world. While most people are advised to stay home, there are millions who cannot due to the essential nature of their work.

"Social media is the only way I could produce this sort of reach globally," BossLogic told Inverse last year. "Back in the day, you needed to know someone to get anywhere, but everyone has the opportunity now. You put your work out there and it can reach almost anyone."

Avengers: Endgame is now available on Blu-ray, Digital HD, and streaming on Disney+.

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