Does Black Widow have a post-credits scene? Here's what you need to know.

Marvel is back, but will its greatest tradition continue?

After a painfully long hiatus, Marvel is returning to theaters with... a prequel? Black Widow might not be the next chapter in Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were hoping for, but it’s still a return to form for the superhero franchise. And even though it’s a prequel (technically set somewhere between Civil War and Infinity War) that doesn’t mean it can’t set up a future release with a classic Marvel post-credits scene. Right?

So does Black Widow have a post-credits scene after the movie’s ending? Here’s what you need to know. And don’t worry. There are absolutely zero spoilers for Black Widow in this article.

Does Black Widow have a post-credits scene?

The cast of Black Widow.


Short answer: Yes; if you’re sitting in a theater right now and the movie just ended, sit tight, there’s one more scene yet to come.

Long answer: Marvel is changing things up; sort of.

For as long as we can remember, Marvel’s post-credits strategy has followed a very specific pattern.

  1. The movie ends
  2. We get a short, stylized credits sequence
  3. There’s a “mid-credits scene” that sets up the next movie in the MCU
  4. Then we get the full credits
  5. Finally, there’s one more short scene; usually some inconsequential joke you’ll regret waiting for

But that’s not what’s happening here. Black Widow bizarrely skips the stylized credits entirely. Instead, it goes straight from the movie’s ending into the main credits. Unfortunately, that means you have to sit through the entire credits before seeing the post-credits.

But trust me when I say this: it’s worth it...

Does Black Widow’s post-credits scene matter?

Ladies and gentlemen, Florence Pugh.


Yes! While most of Black Widow feels self-contained (which makes sense since it’s set before Avengers: Infinity War), the movie’s post-credits scene manages to set up Marvel’s future in a surprising way. But seriously, that’s all Im going to tell you for now.

To find out anything else about the Black Widow post-credits scene you’ll have to wait until the movie comes out next week — or if you’re feeling really impatient get yourself a Time Stone and use it to peer into the future instead.

Black Widow releases in theaters and on Disney+ Premiere Access on July 9.

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