The 36 Best 'Rick and Morty' Memes

The Smith family and beaver butts sure look excited for burrrp this! How about you, broh?

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Who knew that the zany misadventures of a lovable half-wit and his brilliant alcoholic of a grandfather would produce some of the best and most beloved animated sci-fi in the modern era? We all miss Rick and Morty dearly, and though the show is littered with great moments — both absolutely fucked up and vaguely wholesome — along with lovable characters and memorable quotes, there’s also a lot of love to be had in its memeability.

There’s a lot there in the source material, whether it’s the weird squiggly mouth Morty gets when his mind goes blank, or Rick’s penchant for burping and getting absolutely wrecked from booze. The dynamic duo of an older brilliant scientist with a younger, less intelligent sidekick also riffs on everything from Doctor Who to Back to the Future and even the existence of Bernie Sanders as everyone’s grandpa.

Keep in mind that with Rick’s portal gun, the pair can conceivably go into any among the infinite universes out there, so a lot of fans have memed them going, well, just about anywhere.

The more serious Rick and Morty memes deal with the awkwardness of life but also the thinly veiled cynicism that flirts with, how you say … sociopathy? Fans are absolutely rabid in anticipation of Rick and Morty Season 3, so there’s also a bit about that eager anticipation floating around in the broader memescape. Rick and Morty always strives to be a meta-commentary on itself, human relationships, the glory of science, and really just how damned hard it can be to be a human.

So here are some of our favorite Rick and Morty memes.

1. A lot of the show’s one-liners have an endless number of uses.


2. When Rick questions Morty’s swoleness

3. For when things get, well, weird

Movie Pilot

4. When the reality of adulthood sets in …

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5. For when life gets tough, just remember …


6. Morty’s blank stares always holds something much deeper.

7. And you can’t forget one of his catchphrases.


8. Squiggly lips is all of us feeling socially awkward.


9. Nobody knew how sad butter-passing could be until it just was.

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10. On the plus side, it can be used to diss any manner of technology.


11. A zany old man in a lab coat with crazy light hair? “Aw, jeez, Doc …”


12. The Pokémon GO crossover


13. Rick’s crazed old-man look with funky hair draws indelible comparisons to everyone’s favorite IRL grandpa, Bernie Sanders.


14. Even Bernie vs. Hillary is featured.

15. Really, Bernie-Rick is a popular one.

Cliparts Grams

16. Rick’s foulmouthed brilliance is in direct opposition to the Doctor’s.

Know Your Meme

17. Rick and Morty go to … Duck Hunt?

18. Rick and Morty and Scooby Do and Johnny Bravo!?

19. Rick is the everyman alcoholic who we somehow still like despite how much they fucked us over.

20. Booze as escapism, though!

The Odyssey Online

21. Pros and cons of being friends with a person like that:

22. Birdperson has had a rough go of it, as we know all too well, but who knew the aviary-sapian also moonlights as Lil Wayne?


23. But really: Poor Birdperson …


24. The show can get pretty self-critical.

25. Krombopulos Michael is George R. R. Martin: “I have no code of ethics. I will kill anyone, anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn’t matter. I just love killing!”

26. The Frustration and the Fury that is procrastinating a paper

27. When spelling suggestions got too real

28. There’s a lot of solidarity while we all wait for Rick’s release.


29. Everyone’s thoughts as we wait anxiously for Justin Rowland to release Season 3:


30. Rick and Morty forever!

31. How people feel when they finish Season 1 for the first time

32. Better pep talk than the actual movie:

33. When you hear Dan Harmon script-doctored Doctor Strange

34. The big heads really go a long way!

35. I can’t tell you why this is gross, but it is.

36. Every Season 3 hint so far:

Season 3 of Rick and Morty has no confirmed release date yet, but you might be able to expect it within the next few months, broh.

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