How to save the Earth

On Earth Day 2022, Inverse explores some of the most ambitious, exciting, and controversial efforts to save our planet.

One big idea...

How to build an Earthship

The trials and tribulations of going way off the grid in Taos, New Mexico.

Nick Aspinwall

Future perfect

How to save the Earth

Can humans save the Earth?

For Earth Day 2022, Inverse considers six concepts that may reshape our relationship with our planet.

How to Save the Earth

Bill Gates is funding a controversial climate fix that could save the Earth — or doom it

To its advocates, Solar Radiation Modification is cheap, easy to do, and it can be done on a global scale. Whether or not you think it is brilliant, SRM is controversial.


How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

TerraBox’s solar power technology could solve our energy problems on and off Earth.


How to Save the Earth
If humans go to Mars, we need an Earth Flag — here’s why

Opinion: We are approaching the point when humans make the leap off Earth and onto other planets. When we get there, how will we represent ourselves?

by Oskar Pernefeldt

37 Years Later, NASA Retires Its Famous Flying Laboratory

ByRob Verger

The storied DC-8 helped study the hole in the ozone layer and ice in Antarctica and is now retiring. So what’s next?


When It Comes To Calculating Climate Risks, Stock Traders Turn To This Data Source

ByDerek Lemoine and The Conversation

What tools are best for looking at weather and climate change prediction? Ask the investors.


What Actually Happened To The ‘Doomsday Glacier?’ Here’s What Satellite Data Shows

ByLauren Leffer

A new study offers a hint to why melt models haven’t kept up with reality.


Air Quality Experts Prepare For A Hazy "New Normal" As Wildfires Rage Canada

ByCharles O. Stanier, Gregory Carmichael, Peter S. Thorne and The Conversation

Dozens of wildfires are burning across Canada in May 2024. Here we go again.


La Nina Is Coming — Here's How It Could Change Your Forecast

ByPedro DiNezio and The Conversation

An atmosphere and ocean scientist explains what’s ahead.


“Only Once Every 221 Years:” How Scientists Predict This Rare Clash of Cicada Broods Will Go Down

ByThe Conversation, John Cooley and Chris Simon

The last time these two groups emerged together was in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson was president.


Electric Air Taxis Could Be Just A Few Years From Reality

ByThe Conversation and Jamey Jacob

Quiet eVTOLs may be flying passengers as early as 2025.


The Scientific Reason Winemakers Are Freaking Out About A Warming Planet

ByThe Conversation, Stephen On and Manpreet K Dhami

New research explores how yeasts, bacteria, and fungi may be affected by changes in temperature and rainfall.


This Map Shows How Climate Change Has Already Impacted Your Garden

ByMatt Kasson and The Conversation

A new plant hardiness map shows us how much the regional climate has changed already.


The Link Between Health Problems And Microplastics Just Got A Lot Stronger

ByMark Patrick Taylor, Scott P. Wilson and The Conversation

A recent study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has linked microplastics with risk to human health.