HBO Is No Longer Pretending Jon Snow Is Dead 

HBO's first tease for Season 6 is here, and they've given up pretending Jon Snow is dead.

HBO has released their first teaser image for Game of Thrones’s mysterious but maybe not that mysterious sixth season, featuring a bloody, sadder- than-ever but definitely alive Jon Snow. Check it out:

As you might hazily recall, Season Five ended with Jon apparently meeting that great Wall in the sky, betrayed by his own men and bleeding out in the snow. Ollie, you fucker.

To put it mildly, this did not sit well with many Game of Thrones fans, including yours truly. Throwing the world in an even greater tizzy, book fans haven’t even been able to confirm this death or smugly offer anything more substantial than speculation (Jon is Azor Ahai! Jon has a twin!), as Winds of Winter isn’t out to answer the question. We’re all in the same boat of confusion, although surely it can’t be more confusing than Gendry’s boat.

Until now, signs had pointed to Jon’s return even when HBO pretended otherwise: Kit Harington Hair Watch — which might go down in history as the most widespread hair analysis of a public figure since David Beckham or Donald Trump — is in full swing as he’s been spotted on the Belfast set multiple times. Harington himself seems to not give a fuck anymore, outright blabbing about his extended GoT career. Still HBO has been bafflingly persistent in insisting he’s totally dead seriously, for real guys, ignore the man behind the curtain.

But with the latest leaked picture of Jon gearing up for battle in Robb’s old armor making waves, it seems they’ve given up the pretense: Winter is coming, and along with The Hound, it’s going to bring a welcome bout of Snow.

Now let’s commence with analyzing the shit out of that image: does his bloody nose symbolize Melisandre? If you zoom in, does it spell out R + L =J? Or perhaps it foreshadows some mysterious new nose-related plotline that will blow all our minds. The dragon has three noses, guys.

The next season of Game of Nose starts in April.

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