The Latest Game of Thrones Fan Theory: There Are Two of Jon 

Newest Game of Thrones fan theory takes R+L=J to a new level. 

Jon Snow conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen— which is half the fun of watching Game of Thrones. But every so often, a particularly batty one stands out. Like one positing that Jon Snow is, in fact, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, otherwise known as R+L=J…but he also has a twin sister. And it’s none other than Bran’s traveling companion, Meera Reed. Of course!

Granted, it doesn’t take a huge stretch to see it physically.

But if having messy dark hair, dirty faces, and glum expressions was grounds for sharing blood, we could say the same of half the people on the show. And sometimes on this show, even the same person can look vastly different.

Seriously guys, you’re not even trying. You could have at least given New Daario the same wig.

So since the show can’t be trusted on matters of appearance, what’s behind this theory?

Well, they were born the same year. And Howland Reed (Meera, and Jojen’s dad), was present at The Tower of Joy during the fateful incident that led to Lyanna Stark bleeding to death from something that definitely wasn’t childbirth.

And as The Huffington Post points out, Martin loves drawing from both history and myth, and this would connect to the Romulus and Remus narrative in which twins were separated at birth from a parent whose name was Rhae-something (Rhea in the myth, Rhaegar in GoT).

We will find out if this theory is true in Season Six, because it has been confirmed The Tower of Joy will be a location and a Young Ned has been cast for a flashback And maybe what we’ll find out is that we all know nothing.

But let’s just hope if it turns out to be true, Martin lays off his fondness for incest.

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