'Rick and Morty' star on Baby Yoda: "He's super cute!"

Would Summer be into 'The Mandalorian' or not?

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We know you were thinking it all along: How would characters from Rick and Morty react to Baby Yoda?

Surely, somewhere in the Rick and Morty multiverse, there’s a reality where Star Wars not only exists, but is real. While it might make for the perfect Easter egg in a future Interdimensional Cable episode similar to South Park’s recent Baby Yoda joke, we now know for sure how Summer Smith would react to the little green critter thanks to her voice actor, Spencer Grammer.

“I’ve seen Baby Yoda everywhere!” Grammer tells Inverse. “He’s super cute!”

When asked if Summer might have a similar reaction, Grammer had the perfect response: “I don’t know if the character of Summer watches Star Wars, right?”

While she’s witty and smart, Summer’s often concerned with social status and doesn’t spend much time or thought on nerdy stuff, and in a magical reality in Season 4’s “Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty,” she asks that Rick turn her into a “sexy arrow shooty lady” rather than a “Ranger” (nerdy nitpick, I know). Earlier in that same episode, she watches a show called Ass that’s “like Bones, but they solve ass crimes.” … so you can safely assume that she wouldn’t watch The Mandalorian.

According to Grammer, however, Summer might still be into Baby Yoda for a very on-brand reason.

Summer attempts an overcomplicated shot with her magical bow.

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“I don’t feel like she watches Star Wars,” Grammer reiterated, “but if everybody else was talking about Baby Yoda, I think she’d probably start to talk about Baby Yoda to be cool and fit in.”

The one time Summer had access to the Meeseeks Box, she could have asked for anything but wished to be more popular at school, and in the Tiny Rick episode, she initially would rather use Tiny Rick to become more popular even if it meant jeopardizing her grandpa’s well-being. Considering the fact that Baby Yoda quickly became the hottest meme on the internet just days after The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+, it seems likely Summer might watch a few episodes to fit it.

As nerdy things become steadily more mainstream, Summer becomes that much more likely to partake. In the Rick and Morty crossover comic with Dungeons & Dragons, Summer claims to have played the tabletop role-playing game before, proving perhaps once and for all that D&D is officially for the cool kids.

While she might not watch every episode of The Mandalorian, Summer Smith would still tweet about Baby Yoda incessantly and share all of the memes with her friends.

Rick and Morty Season 4 will resume sometime in 2020.

Behold this beautiful fan art posted to the Rick and Morty subreddit:

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