'Smash Ultimate' DLC Character Leaks: 5 Possible E3 2019 Nintendo Reveals

Sorry, it's not Waluigi.

Nintendo’s big E3 2019 event is still a day away, but we may already know one of the biggest surprises the company has planned. No, it’s not the Pokémon Sword and Shield starter evolutions, it’s the next downloadable content (DLC) character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Right after the official Nintendo 2019 World Championship Tournament at E3 2019 on Saturday, Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai dropped a big hint in a pre-recorded message, saying, “I’ll be continuing my work on the next DLC fighter and more information regarding that will be shared in the Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 so I hope you’re looking forward to it.”

That pretty much confirms the news is coming, but who is the next Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character? We don’t know for sure, but we have plenty of educated guesses based on previous leaks.

Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Erdrick (and Minecraft?)

The most recent Smash Ultimate DLC leak comes from perennial fighting game leaker Vergeben, who posted a comment on Reddit last month revealing what he knows about Nintendo’s upcoming DLC plans for Smash Bros. Ultimate:

I have not talked about E3 Smash stuff yet. All I currently know about the DLC is what I have said before… which is that Erdrick is a fighters pass character and Minecraft content of some kind will be added.

Erdrick is a character from the Dragon Quest series from Japanese video game developer Square Enix. The games primarily release for Nintendo consoles and have a larger following in Japan. So it makes sense that Nintendo might use Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC to introduce the franchise to even more players.

As for Minecraft, it’s unclear if this collaboration will mean a new character, a level, or something else entirely. However, it’s possible the DLC could coincide with the release of Minecraft Dungeons next year.

Our mockup of Doomguy in Smash


Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Doomguy!

Based on other previous leaks, the next Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character might also be Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) or Doomguy (Doom), which would line up nicely with the upcoming release of Doom Eternal. Those options came from a December leak that accurately predicted the news of Project 5 R, giving it a bit more credibility.

Sora's Keyblade weapon would work perfectly in Smash Bros.

Square Enix

Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Sora!

Another fan-favorite that’s been supported by leaks is Sora, the protagonist from Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts games. These leaks haven’t been as credible, though it would work well with the incoming Kingdom Hearts III DLC release this winter.

I guess...


Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: More Fire Emblem Fighters?

However, the most likely option may be the least exciting: Another Fire Emblem anime sword boy (or girl). With the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming in late July, it seems likely Nintendo will celebrate the launch by bringing one of the game’s new characters to the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It might not be the most inspired decision, but we can’t say it will come as a surprise.

Whatever Nintendo has planned, we should find out soon. The company’s E3 2019 presentation begins on Tuesday, June 11 at 12 p.m. Eastern.