'Star Wars: Episode IX' Title Could Reference a Line From the Prequels

We’re finally going to learn the Star Wars: Episode IX title this Friday at Star Wars Celebration 2019, but a last-minute leak may have spoiled the surprise. A recent report suggests the movie could simply be subtitled “Skywalkers,” and while a one-word title seems unlikely, the rumor has led to some very convincing fan theories — including one that connects all the way back to the prequels.

Here are three totally believable Star Wars: Episode IX titles that put the Skywalker name front and center to chew on while we wait for the official announcement. Spoiler warning: One of these might be right!

Wait, Why “Skywalkers”?

Before we jump in, it’s worth considering why the word Skywalker (or Skywalkers) needs to be in the Star Wars: Episode IX title in the first place. The simple answer is, as we’ve all heard before, that this movie is expected to put a cap on the family drama that’s dominated these films from the very beginning.

Then again, as we’ve pointed out before, there aren’t many Skywalkers left in the galaxy. Unless J.J. Abrams really does plan to change Rey’s backstory, Kylo Ren is the last one left. Still, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate the Skywalker saga into Episode IX.

For example…

Star Wars: Episode IX — The Skywalker Prophecy

This title from redditor u/Timformation gets right to the heart of the problem. Actual Skywalkers probably won’t be the main focus of Episode IX, but that doesn’t mean the family’s history can’t drive the story.

As u/Timformation notes, this could refer to several different things (or all three). First, it could be a reference to the prophecy Mace Windu keeps bringing up in the Star Wars prequels, the one about bringing balance to the force that the Jedi think might be about Anakin. In that case, it’s possible Kylo, Rey, or some other character could be the true subject of that original “Skywalker Prophecy.”

Additionally, if Rey is actually a Skywalker then the prophecy is clearly about her. Or perhaps Luke Skywalker will return as a Force ghost— we know Mark Hamill has at least a small role in Episode IX — to deliver a brand new prophecy. Any of these three options could make for a satisfying ending to the Skywalker saga.

Star Wars: Episode IX — Fate of the Skywalkers

This title from u/Jarryd97 is a little more straightforward. If Star Wars: Episode IX is going to wrap up the Skywalker story, then “Fate” is a pretty good word to throw in there. It suggests a definitive ending, which may confirm that, as we’ve predicted before, Kylo Ren is gonna die.

Star Wars: Episode IX — Destiny of the Skywalkers

This one from u/santaselfspy is pretty similar, though a bit more open ended. “Destiny” doesn’t necessarily suggest the end, just a clear path forward for Kylo Ren or any other Skywalkers who might still be hanging around.

u/santaselfspy also has a few other interesting suggestions for the Star Wars: Episode IX title, including “Destiny of the Galaxy” and “Master of the Force,” which would provide a nice bookend to Abrams’ first Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, bringing both the sequels trilogy and the entire story full circle.

Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20.

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