'For All Mankind' Apple TV+ Show Trailer, Release Date, Spoilers, and More

Many of the upcoming Apple TV+ series have been shrouded in secrecy but we’re finally getting our first honest-to-goodness look at one of them. That show would be the new sci-fi series For All Mankind, starring Joel Kinnaman, Colm Feore, and Sarah Jones.

Ronald D. Moore, the creator of the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot series and the epic romance series Outlander on Starz, has brought to us a new science-fiction drama exclusively for Apple TV+, an upcoming streaming service from the tech giant. Titled For All Mankind, we finally got the first official trailer at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June.

The trailer has helped fill in some gaps about the show’s cast and plot, only making us more excited for this alternate take on the Space Race of the mid-20th century. Here’s what we know about For All Mankind Season 1 thanks to the new trailer and previous casting and production news.

What Is Ronald D. Moore Working on for Apple TV+?

Ronald D. Moore, along with Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, are working on a new series titled For All Mankind.

Described by Deadline as a “space drama,” the series will explore a reality in which the mid-century space race “had never ended.”

What Do You Mean “Never Ended”?

In the 20th century, the United States and Russia competed in the “Space Race,” a global competition to achieve dominance in spaceflight. Spinning off the arms race for nuclear weaponry in the aftermath of World War II, achieving breakthroughs in the Space Race would assure citizens of either nation not just the sophistication of national security, but in ideological superiority.

In other words, the Space Race was a billion-dollar status symbol, one that would signify which country was more prepared for the future. The United States effectively “won” the Space Race on July 20, 1969, when NASA successfully landed the first men on Earth’s Moon.

The legacy of the Space Race endures in the form of sophisticated consumer technologies, ranging from laptop computers, satellites, video game joysticks, freeze drying, and virtual reality, to non-consumer tech such as water purification systems, solar cells, landmine removals, and food safety procedures adopted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

But as the series asks: What if the race to space had never ended? Based on how much our real, everyday life made quantum leaps thanks to the breakthroughs made during the Space Race, For All Mankind might depict life with far more advanced technology than we currently have.

When Will For All Mankind Premiere?

There is no known release date for For All Mankind, however, Apple TV+ is set to launch this fall. It’s possible For All Mankind could arrive at the same time, or later.

Where Can I Watch the Trailer for For All Mankind?

The first official trailer for For All Mankind was unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC19, for short) on June 3, 2019. The trailer, which you can watch above, gave the world a look at the alternate history at the heart of this new series where we imagine what would have happened if the Soviet Union had landed on the moon before the United States did back in the late 1960s. The trailer gave us a better look at series lead Joel Kinnaman’s role as astronaut Edward Baldwin and teased how the show would do the Space Race differently, including storylines like the Americans trying to beat the Soviets to Mars and a group of women training to become astronauts, too.

Previously, Apple released a brief montage clip showing scenes from various original shows coming to Apple TV+ in early 2019. You can watch that teaser footage below.

Who Is Starring in For All Mankind?

The initial cast for For All Mankind includes:

  • Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad, Altered Carbon) as “Edward Baldwin”
  • Michael Dorman (Patriot) as “Gordo Stevens”
  • Sarah Jones (Alcatraz) as “Tracy Stevens”
  • Shantel VanSanten (The Flash) as “Karen Baldwin”
  • Wrenn Schmidt (The Americans) as “Margo Madison”
  • Jodi Balfour (True Detective, The Crown) as “Ellen Waverly”

In August 2018, The Hollywood Reporter revealed some details regarding who these characters are. THR said Kinnaman and VanSanten star as “a prominent NASA couple,” while Schmidt’s Margo is “a NASA engineer.”

How Many Episodes Are in For All Mankind Season 1?

We’ll be getting a healthy dose of For All Mankind when it arrives on Apple TV+ because Season 1 will be comprised of 10 episodes. A handful of episode titles have made their way to the show’s IMDb. They are:

Episode 1: “Red Moon”
Episode 2: “He Built the Saturn V”
Episode 4: “Nixon’s Women”
Episode 5: “Into the Abyss”
Episode 7: “Hi Bob”
Episode 8: “Rupture”
Episode 9: “Dangerous Liaisons”

What Else to Know

For All Mankind was the third series ordered by Apple in its effort to offer a robust slate of programming when it launches its original streaming service in the near future. The exact details regarding Apple’s platform, which is intended to rival Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other new platforms like Disney+ (launching sometime in 2019), remain unknown for now.

Let’s Talk About Battlestar Galactica Again

I still have no idea what happened to Starbuck in the finale.

For All Mankind does not yet have a premiere date.

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