'Fortnite' Giant Face in Desert, Jungle, & Snow: Locations, Map, and Video

A new kind of monument in the world of 'Fortnite'.

The Fortnite: Battle Royale island has become a strange place in Season 8, where players can walk in a frigid arctic area not far from a desert, and north of all that is a tropical jungle and even a more temperate grassy area. That’s all on a relatively small island.

Along with a challenge to visit all seven pirate camps, Week 1 also showcases the various climates on the island with a challenge to “visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow.” This makes for a fun way to explore some of the huge Season 8 map changes.

Not to be confused with the giant stone heads featured in the game before, these giant faces in the various climates are actually natural structures rather than any kind of deliberately constructed monument.

They’re all constructed on the side of cliffs made out of rocks or pieces of ice. Visiting the desert and snow faces in a single match is totally doable, but the jungle face is much further away.

Here's where to find all three giant faces.

Epic Games

The desert face is actually under the crown of RVs featured throughout Season 7, so most players have been there a few times already between that and the Week 6 Snowfall secret Battle Star.

As is the case with most challenges of this type, players just have to get somewhat close to the faces — they could even drive by casually in a Quadcrasher. There are a few pirate camps spread out between these three faces, so consider doubling up to work on both challenges at once. (View our pirate camp map here.)

Also consider another Week 1 challenge to use Volcano Vents in different matches. It can’t hurt to dive on top of a vent on your initial trip down to the island just to knock that challenge out as soon as possible.

It’s still just the first day of Season 8, but know that the season is currently scheduled to end on Wednesday, May 8. So players have exactly 69 days left to complete this and other Week 1 challenges. Nice.

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