'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2: Final Trailer Reveals 6 Canon Easter Eggs 

Earlier this year, the showrunner of Star Trek: Discovery — Alex Kurtzman — said that every new episode of Discovery would be conceived on a cinematic scale — “We endeavor every week to make it a movie,” he explained — and the final trailer for Season 2 delivers on that promise. Is Discovery trying to act a little cooler and more lighthearted than its first season? That’s a big yes, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Not only will the next season explain the Season 1 cliffhanger involving the USS Enterprise, but the latest trailer reveals more, even deeper cuts referencing the sprawling Trek canon. And, these wouldn’t be Trekkie easter eggs if we weren’t talking about some space-age costumes.

Here are six Easter eggs in the final Season 2 Discovery trailer, including Spock, the Klingons, secret societies, dudes who used to be Klingons turned human, and a very famous mini-dress.


6. Burnham Rocks the Classic Starfleet Skort Dress

In two shots in the trailer, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is wearing an outfit super reminiscent of the famous mini-skirt style Starfleet uniform famous on the original Sixties show. In previous trailers, we already saw that various members of the Enterprise crew have color-coded chilled-out uniforms in contrast with the all-blue numbers of the Discovery crew. Will all the new looks be explained? Probably not. But, for what it’s worth, a Star Trek novel published before the show came out, attempted to explain why the uniforms are so different. Short answer: different starships, different clothes.

The Mirror Georgiou joins Section 31


5. Georgiou and Section 31

Though it wasn’t actually depicted on screen in the first season, a special deleted scene screened at a Star Trek convention revealed that the Mirror Universe version of Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) was recruited by the clandestine top-secret Starfleet spy group Section 31. This fact retroactively explained the all-black Starfleet badges from the first season, plus, confirmed a long-held fan theory that Discovery would connect to Section 31 because so much of the ship’s tech seemed way too advanced for this period in Trek’s history. (I.E. Discovery happens like a decade before the classic show, but their ship is way better!) Anyway, the new trailer confirms what the deleted scene explained. Georgiou is working for Section 31 and Captain Pike (Anson Mount) has heard of them.

To be clear, Section 31 was first introduced in the Deep Space Nine era. But, references to the group later cropped up in the prequel show Enterprise, and even played a huge role in the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness. (Which, was co-written by current Trek showrunner, Alex Kurtzman.)

L'Rell in season 2 of 'Star Trek: Discovery'


4. New Klingons Look Like Old Klingons

A huge fuss was made over the re-vamped look for the Klingons in the first season of Discovery. And, to date, no explanation has been offered on screen. To make this issue bumpier, the most important Klingon in Discovery — the new Empress L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) — has a totally new look, complete with hair! Plus her costume feels more in line with something the villainous Duras sisters would have worn in The Next Generation than anything she wore last season. Will this be explained? Probably!

Tyler is back! 


3. Tyler is Back … in Starfleet?

Speaking of Klingons, this trailer is the first time we’ve seen the return of Lt. Ash Tyler, a human who is really a Klingon double-agent named Voq. Shazad Latif played “both” characters in the first season of Discovery, and a mirror universe double of himself, too! At the end of season 1, Tyler/Voq went to join the Klingons, but in the new trailer, he’s clearly back in a Starfleet uniform. He also mentions something about Section 31, which implies he might be working for them? Plus, Pike calls him “Mr. Tyler,” which either means Tyler is embracing his “human” identity, or Pike doesn’t know he’s really a Klingon deep-down.

Anson Mount as Captain Pike


2. Pike Knows About the Red Angels … But Maybe Nothing Else

The return of Captain Kirk’s predecessor, Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) is part of the biggest news of the new season of Discovery. And with Pike’s return comes the threat of “the Red Angels.” Pike seems to know a lot about them, and the audience still has no idea what they are, other than a funky new plot device powering the new season. But, funnily enough, Pike might not know jack shit about other things right in front of him. As mentioned above, he might think Tyler is really human, and not a (reformed?) Klingon double agent. Further, when the Mirror Georgiou boards Discovery in this trailer, he calls her “Captain Georgiou,” which is not the case. Captain Georgiou died in the regular universe, and Mirror Georgiou was saved from her universe by Burnham last season. But, Admiral Cornwell and Sarek classified all that shit (mostly to keep canon straight) meaning, it’s a good bet Pike thinks this is real-deal Georgiou.

This makes Pike like all the viewers last season when we thought Captain Lorca was Captain Lorca when he was really just Mirror Lorca who was an asshole.

Ethan Peck as Spock


Spock is Acting Decidedly Un-Spock Like … Or Is He?

At numerous points in the trailer, it seems like Spock is having emotional outbursts, including the previously seen footage of him smirking at Captain Pike. It would be easy to freak-out here and say that Spock is acting out of character, but, fans have only glimpsed a pre-original series Spock on a few occasions. And, in Spock’s only canonical appearance with Captain Pike — first 1965 Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” — he does, randomly smile. Here’s the proof.

Spock and Captain Pike in "The Cage"


The point is, the Spock we meet in the classic series has clearly gotten his human emotions a little more locked-down than the younger Spock who will appear in Discovery. Will we get to see Ethan Peck’s Spock evolve into the Leonard Nimoy Spock we all know so well? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, come January, it looks like Star Trek will be raising some eyebrows again.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS All Access on January 17.

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