AirPods 2: New Report Indicates When We Can Finally Expect Airpods Overhaul

But there could be a slight update soon.

Apple fans have long drooled over the impending AirPods redesign for months now. It was at the center of speculation surrounding the company’s iPhone and October product announcements. Both events came and went without them, dashing hopes that the AirPods 2 might drop in 2018. Now, a new report from a trusted analyst suggests users will need to wait even longer than they thought to see the fated AirPods overhaul come to fruition.

The earbuds might not see their long-awaited design change until 2020, forecasted Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to investors acquired by AppleInsider. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be a new set next year. Instead, Kuo seems to refer to the more audaciously reimagined, over-the-ear buds with noise-canceling capabilities, improved Siri integration, and water resistance that are rumored to be in the works. If Kuo’s right, then we can still expect a more limited series of upgrades come 2019.

Kuo mentioned, for example, that the earbuds would finally receive a wireless charging case in the first quarter of 2019. The case would enable the AirPods to juice up using any Qi-standard wireless charger instead of having to use a lightning connector. This feature was originally teased during the AirPower in 2017.

The AirPods might soon be wirelessly chargeable. 

It’s likely that this upgrade will lead to an uptick in the AirPods’ $159 price tag. Kuo says going wireless requires multiple internal component changes that will be roughly 60 percent more expensive than the internals of the current case.

Other upgrades that could be on deck for 2019? The AirPods themselves might also receive Bluetooth 5.0 support, which would increase their connectivity range and double their data transfer speed. This means you’ll be able to leave your iPhone in another room and continue listening to music with no delay.

These new feature additions will serve as an incremental update to the AirPods, which haven’t seen any updates since their launch on December 2016. However, the Apple aficionados on the company’s subreddit are less than thrilled about a potential price increase.

“Yeah my money is on the new AirPods being $200,” said u/Cptcongcong. “I’m gonna use my AirPods til they break lol.”

They’re not getting cheaper, but at the next generation one of Apple’s most popular products are on their way. We’ll just have to wait a little longer than expected for major upgrades.

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